Miss Formula Drift Melyssa Grace on the cover of Import Tuner

Posted on Oct 8, 2010 In Babes Formula D Magazine

Check out Melyssa Grace on the cover of the new Import Tuner Magazine. Miss Formula Drift graces the cover with this gorgeous teal S13. The issue also features Formula Drift diaries along with other drifting content. You can see Melyssa Grace at Formula Drift Irwindale this weekend if you happen to be around the track. You can also get a free Slide America DVD by heading over to ACT’s Facebook Page and printing a coupon under the contest tab.


  1. Joe Haven says:

    Wtf?! Were you guys afraid you were gonna piss Formula D off if you left The D1 banner on my car?

  2. petite pounder says:

    lol @ joe haven jumping to conclusions.

    nice knee jerk reactions. i swear this industry is made up of fucking children. “ITS GOTTA BE MY WAY OR NOTHING.”

  3. Joe Haven says:

    @ petite pounder, It wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. If you actually read wrecked magazine you would see that they do care what Formula D thinks Which is why i thought they changed it. Its not that big of a deal, i just thought it was lame that someone has to cover it just because it says D1.It sucks they can’t work together. It was alot more fun to watch when D1 and Formula D drivers competed together.

  4. KBankAZ says:

    Car still looks sick Joe!! That sucks about the banner though, I know that was a big achievement for you. Politics.

  5. Wrecked Magazine says:

    @Joe Haven

    If you can find me an image of the cover without your banner blacked out I will gladly swap it. I looked for a minute tonight and couldn’t find a good big image on the IT website.

  6. All this hating and no one commented on that fine chicky.

    “Melyssa Grace is one fine piece of ass.” Thats what Chris Farley would say, fo sho.