What Happened to Daijiro Yoshihara’s Lexus IS350?

Posted on Oct 5, 2010 In Daijiro Yoshihara Formula D Lifestyle

The Discount Tire corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona just gained some new wall art. The guys at SPD Metal Works cut up the remaining scraps of the #9 Formula Drift car. They prepped it to be mounted on the wall at the Discount Tire offices which has actual parts from the drift car. The setup even has real Falken Tires/iForged wheels mounted to the wall. It also includes Seibon Carbon Fiber parts who are a proud sponsor of Wrecked Magazine.



  1. petite pounder says:

    woah. thats pretty fucking dope.

  2. Johnny-O says:

    that’s the coolest use of a crashed drift car I’ve ever seen!!!!

  3. BLACKKNIGHT says:

    Too bad its not centered on the wall. Ha!

  4. good point says:

    very cool idea but yea totally off center.

  5. formula dread says:

    Coolest office ever, but needs to be centered……

  6. Drew says:

    Its at the discount tire direct call center. The manager of direct showed that to me this morning when he was at the corporate office.

  7. Joastarlet says:

    Neew to get some windows in it!

  8. DM says:

    For those commenting on the car not being centered, the car IS centered on the sky light above and could not be centered on the wall opening below due to the need for structural support from above the car.