Drift Emporium Not Returning in 2011? [RUMORMILL]

Posted on Sep 30, 2010 In Formula D Forrest Wang

We have gotten some tips that the Drift Emporium program might be gone for the 2011 Formula Drift season. They have had a large presence in the sport for several years by running a multi-car program. This could leave some talent like Takatori and Forrest Wang looking for a ride in 2011. BFG will take a big loss if this is the case by we did take note that they have a long stranding drag racing relationship with Titan Motorsports who is already rumored to be entering Formula Drift in 2011. This to me seems like a great partnership that could form in 2011. What are your thoughts on this team dismantling for 2011? It leaves some possible cheap Formula Drift cars for the marketplace as well?


  1. Blaze1 says:

    The team was spread to thin to begin with. It shouldn’t be a huge problem for Wang, he should be able to find another ride or run his own team for 2011. But for Takatori, obviously a very different scenario.

  2. MotorworldHype says:

    Isn’t Drift Emporium run by that “Birdman” dude?

    What’s the deal? What were the reasons you heard as to why they might not be back?

  3. Johnny-O says:

    birdman never had any financial backings with DE. He was just buddies with them last season, but then wanted to run his own program this season (with Kenji) but had a falling out with Kenji so now he’s not doing anything.

  4. Justin B says:

    Wonder if that will be the way Titan will enter FD. Buy current, known legal cars, good drivers, and enter 2011 as you develop new cars for 2012 sounds like a good plan to me. Have to see if some guys from Titan will be attending the finale.

  5. en6381 says:

    Ilike takatori stay in FD.

  6. bro says:

    dibbs on jodin’s g35

  7. Blaze1 says:

    Dibbs on Takatori!!

    LOL I wish, if I was rich I would give him 100Gs and tell him to build what ever he wanted.

  8. chris naujokas says:

    Man what a shame the drift emporium program was well liked. I hope they can keep it going for next year

  9. YOitzJDM says:

    Takatori would build an r34 with Cefiro suspension 🙂

    W/ forrests G35 totaled in Vegas, the sc430 never finished, and Jodin not qualifying at many events (if any?), its been a rough year for the team. What ever happened to Kaz Hayashida? Didn’t he drive a round or two last year?

    Hopefully BFG stays involved and doesn’t exit stage left like Bridgestone did

  10. Blaze1 says:

    Kaz was in a Signal S15 2009

    I cant remember 100% if it was his personal car or Signal owned it.

    My best guest is that Signal didn’t have the funds for the 2010 season. I can only imagine beating up that skyline for all those years put a strain on their pockets.

  11. YOitzJDM says:

    Guess who ran that car in 2009 and the East Coast events of 2008 for Signal? drift emporium!!

  12. S15Silvia says:

    oh well they ere a rubbish team

  13. Wrecked Magazine says:

    BFG does sponsor Sam Hubinette as well so them exiting probably isn’t a concern.

  14. MannyNJ says:

    Takatory should get back on that R34

  15. deadpirate says:

    takatori doesnt have a choice regarding the r34. it wasnt his car. super autobacs owns it. and last i heard it was being used as a show car because they couldnt afford to run a drifting program here in the states

  16. If this ever happened I would just fall to my knwws and scream NOOOOOO! I mean really, how have they not had enough cash do run a so-so team for years. Now they finally have Forrest and Takatori, two of the best drivers they have ever had. They’re doing good, why have the great momentum stop in 2011. Takatori’s car is finally dialed in the way he likes it. I saw him at Sonoma, that S15 and him are good matches. As for Forrest he may have totaled the G35, but he still could run Jodin’s G35. Just saying. Drift Emporium is actually what brought my attention to BF Goodrich tires, if they leave it will be a big loss.

  17. Blaze1 says:

    “Drift Emporium is actually what brought my attention to BF Goodrich tires, if they leave it will be a big loss”

    That’s weird, I was always rubbing my head in confusion trying to figure out how they landed BF from the get-go.

  18. YOitzJDM says:

    Blaze – they built relationships with BFG, Mazzoria paint, SSR wheels, and several other sponsors when they ran the cars for Signal Auto in 08 and 09. For being the drifting encyclopedia you are, I’m surprised you don’t know that.

  19. Blaze1 says:

    It was half way sarcasm.

    What saddens me the most, all the time these guys were sponsored and supplied with tires from BF. There were alot of damn good drivers paying for tires out of there own pockets, and running the companies logos in hopes of future sponsorship. Good drivers that were getting better results and more exposure.

    Its kinda like that children’s education commercial, the children with really good grades get a bunch of attention. Same goes for the children with bad grades and ones who act out. But the children in the middle get almost no attention or help.

    Hopefully this situation can result in some talented/needy drivers/teams getting some quality tires.

    Not trying to hate honestly. Drift Emporium did get the cover of import tuner one time though… that was cool.

  20. beto says:

    maybe forrest wang will run hes bad a$$ cars next year?

  21. Evan F says:

    I love those Supercharged V8 G35s. I bet we see those cars (known legal) competing whether drift emporium is running them or not.

    I really do hope drift emporium stays around. I always liked their style.

  22. Saint says:

    SoCal is like a different country when it comes to the car biz.
    when you are in another state it is diferent.
    D.E. somewere in ATL was kind of strange.
    And I live here. they never kept up with their web site. if you realy took a look at it, it was a shell that shunted you off to their sponsers.
    I never got the impression that they were that main streem. Just some enthusiast with good connectoins. No hate, i just felt like they left out allot of stuff.