Toshiki Yoshioka Looking for a Ride in 2011 Formula Drift [RUMORMILL]

Posted on Sep 27, 2010 In D1GP Formula D Toshiki Yoshioka

The former D1GP star and Formula Drift round winner has been seeking a ride for the 2011 Formula Drift season. He has never driven a full season in Formula Drift but did do a half season with the AE86 above. In that half season he was able to take home first place at Formula Drift Las Vegas. He was at Formula Drift Sonoma watching the event and visiting some teams in the paddock area. It will be interesting to see if someone reaches out to pick him up for a full ride in 2011. Would you like to see him driving in Formula Drift next year?


  1. Johnny-O says:

    champion or not, the language barrier is going to continue to be an issue. Dai and Robbie seem to be the only J drivers to make it work.

    Takatori / Seigo Yamamoto / Ryuji Miki / Kenji Yamanaka / several others have podiumed here in the US, but continue to struggle for sponsorship. If Hankook drops Ryuji, who would pick him up? I don’t think he’s had a single interview on the TV show on VS since it started last year, same with Takatori. Yoshioka won that Vegas event 2 years ago, and still couldn’t get a ride here.

  2. Marcus Teron says:

    Yes he is a great driver and it would be awsome to see him drive a full season.

  3. Blaze1 says:

    Of all the pictures why post this one??? Get a picture of him on the podium or something.

    Yoshioka drove in FD when there was no top 32 tandem. He got in top 16 once and swept the event. 4-0 tandem record in FD… and all were clear wins. Please keep in mind he was driving a 200HP 4age with a 100 shot of nitrous. Not a easy car to drive with success in FD.

    Yoshioka can speak better english then Miki and Takatori. With a little bit more practice he can be just as good as Dai. He is so loyal to his sponsors he lets them keep the trophies. If you want a championship contender on your team I suggest you pick him up.

  4. Blaze1 says:

    Oh Johnny-O, don’t forget Yukinobu “Boney” Okubo

    Won the first ever FD event at Evergreen. Was gone with the wind after long beach 2007.

    Probably the worst use of talent ever in FD.

  5. J says:

    No Language Barrier at all.
    I Have been a Tech for Yoshioka-san before he in the US .He Speaks Very Good english he can explain what he wants the car to do and what is wrong with the car he is driving, in clear english. Cool guy too, jokes around when appropriate, and focused when hes in his vehicle. He could and will be an asset for whatever US team is intrested in him.

  6. Johnny-O says:

    When you have all these guys like Mad Mike / Dmac / Eric O’Sullivan / James Deane / Freddy Aasbo who are international champions that already speak English, it makes Yoshioka a hard sell.

    Remember, Yoshioka also came to Long Beach, Sonoma, and Irwindale back in ’08 (photo is from Irwindale), and failed to make top 16 at all 3 events.

    Takatori made all 4 top 16’s that Yoshioka drove in. Yamanaka and Miki made 3/4, Haraguchi made 2/4, Hayashida made 1/4.

  7. storm says:

    wow a lot of doubting in here. considering toshi ran away from a viper and a bunch of gay ass v8’s in a 200hp corolla. id say he’s pretty worth picking up right there. and what makes you think these “american” drift teams dont have anyone japanese to translate even though he does speak plenty good english? yoshioka is a class act. id take him over any of these weak jocks in FD…

  8. Marlow says:

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  9. Blaze1 says:

    Johnny-O non of those english drivers except for maybe aasbo can hold a candle to yoshiokas skill and overall success as a driver.

    And look at what those other japanese drivers were driving back in 08 compared to yoshioka.

    Takatori: 500+HP Skyline
    Miki: 350+hp Apexi/Bergenholtz FD
    Haruguchi: 350+HP Drift Speed S15
    Yamanka: 350+JP Personal S14
    Hayashida: 500+HP Skyline GTR

    But did any of those drivers ever end up standing on the big box? Nope

    And when it comes to corolla drivers, the only driver who has ever out qualified him in FD comp was John Russakoff, another underrated/unappreciated veteran driver in FD.

    BTW, Yoshioka never made it to Sonoma in 08

  10. I think that Yoshioka would make a great driver in FD, but there are some issues.

    Language for one, but there are lots of foreign drivers currently competing and the do fine. Besides one can learn anything if they put their full effort into it.
    Car, team, and support is another problem. Where would all of this come from? I doubt a current team like Falken or Hankook would step up and take this guy in. Someone would have to leave for there to be a free spot open. I doubt that would happen. Perhaps a small team would pick him up, if none of this happens he’s going to be a privateer. He knows that D1 is fading away, and it’s good to see someone with as much talent and skill as him wants to drive over here.

  11. Blaze1 says:


    Don’t hold your breath on it, the corolla is at a serious disadvantage in FD just looking at the rules of competition it self. These shot wheel base cars just cant generate enough grip for the technical courses. And the knock out blow might come next year, its not 100% clear yet but FD might impose a rule that banns the chassis all together.

    If he does come to the series I want him to be able to be productive and have a chance to win. LSX S chassis would be a good choice, maybe with SPD’s success this year they can get the budget to build a duplicate. And depending on how comfortable Yoshioka is with LHD I think he could be successful in a Kappa chassis as well.

  12. Mike Peters, American says:

    I hope he is hired by one of the many equal opportunity employers of FD.

  13. CrshB&ic00t says:

    Blaze, if they ban the AE86 chassis then the little shred of hope that FD has is gone. How are you going to ban a chassis that drifting was pretty much built on? Next they will probably ban any motor besides an 8 cylinder and make you drift ovals. Then they’ll ban oversteer and make you do laps. Sounds familiar…

  14. roadsterfag says:

    What they are banning is not the corolla, just a chassis design.

    It doesn’t matter either way, a corolla will never be competitive in formula d or any other professional league again, they haven’t been for years.

  15. steve b. says:

    why doesnt hankook get him and put him in miki’s rx7……

    yoshioka going to drive a nexen tire mustang…pffffff

  16. steve b. says:

    wait what happen to driftspeed?

  17. Blaze1 says:


    Yes its a sad thing to see the AE86 go and or be transformed into something totally different. But the way the sport is competed in the states the corolla doesn’t stand a chance. Did you see Taka struggle at sonoma? They are changing things ups, adding power, just doing everything in their power to compete but tell me when was the last time you seen Taka in the top 8…or even 16? IIRC Dmac and Yoshioka were the only 2 drivers to put corolla on the podium in FD. And Dmacs car was barely a corolla. I think FD will survive without the corolla lol


    The corolla is still competitive in D1GP.

    steve b.

    You bring up some good points. Putting him in the FD is a very good choice, they definitely need a title sponsor though. Its tough to run a 2 car team with 2 totally different cars on a decent budget let alone a shoe string budget. And with the talk of Robbie Nishida leaving Dynamic, regardless if he stays or leaves its hard for me to imagine someone wanting to pick up Nishida but not Yoshioka.

    Driftspeed is alive and well, but again I don’t think as of right now they have a budget to compete in formula D. The white car is long gone, they grey one wont pass tech, that only leaves the red one Ueo drove last year. I think if they had the budget they would have been out competing this year with Ueo.

    Yoshioka, Ueo, and Quoc are actually competing at the upcoming WDS events in driftspeed/wisesquare S15s.

  18. greenman says:

    Hope he come to FD and gets picked up by a good reliable team.

    Blaze 1

    Yoshioka actually did make it to Sonoma in 08…
    Link for proof.

  19. Blaze1 says:

    I stand corrected

    I was going off of drivers list

    But look at the qualifying results, he placed 17th with a score 89.84 18th was Taka with a 89.83. With today rules he would have gotten a shot at the tandem. And if we had classes he would have placed first in his class. Corollas guys got/get it rough.

    And if my memory serves me right some odd judging took place to give Miki the 16th place. Andy, and Alex scored him in the mid 80s. But Fixmer for some odd reason gave him a score in the mid to upper 90s. Which gave him a score of 90.72.

    In my and two other judges opinion Yoshioka deserved that 16th slot.

  20. Joey Redmond says:

    It was the first photo I found Blaze1. I guess it wasn’t the best, haha. I have gone out with Yoshioka in the past and he definitely speaks better English than some of the other drivers mentioned. I would also not call him fluent in English either.

  21. en6381 says:

    Drift Speed S15

  22. Johnny-O says:

    If there are white numbers, that means he attended. If there are red x’s, the team didn’t show up.

    The order in ’08 was:
    LB, Atl, Summit Point, Vegas, NJ, Sonoma, Irw

  23. Samuel says:

    Blaze1.. How many drifters have you blown to date? You should create a list In your avatar of all the drivers you want to blow, both american and japanese and the track or car you want to do it in.

  24. Blaze1 says:


    Damn that ain’t a bad idea, but I don’t think its fair to the others 😉

  25. deadpirate says:

    the schedule in 08 was LB, ATL, NJ, VEGAS, SEATTLE, SONOMA, IRW

  26. Nattylight says:

    I bet the people who talk shit about blaze1 have never met the guy. One of the most nicest and knowledgeable drift fans you could ever meet. His passion makes him come off like a douche on the internet and he admitts that.

  27. I’m gonna say true on the corolla not being competitive enough anymore… Unless someone does something really radical with one. *cough*Lexus ISF motor*cough*

    Really banning an entire chassis? Can FD really do that especially since drifting as we all know it was almost built upon this one legendary car? Someone please look into this.

    I’m gonna vote for Yoshioka to be in some sort of rotary powered car cause that’s what he’s driving in D1 right now, er should be if it weren’t for development issues. A least according to speedhunters.

  28. Blaze1 says:

    “Really banning an entire chassis? Can FD really do that especially since drifting as we all know it was almost built upon this one legendary car? Someone please look into this.”

    If someone gets a hold of Appendix K of the rule book, it will be easier to decipher.

  29. Ron B says:

    I like Mike Peters idea of seeing Yoshioka as a judge.

  30. Slide says:

    Quote from Blaze1: e got in top 16 once and swept the event. 4-0 tandem record in FD… and all were clear wins. Please keep in mind he was driving a 200HP 4age with a 100 shot of nitrous. Not a easy car to drive with success in FD.

    I think your mistaking vehicle setup for Yasu Kondo’s car since clearly Yoshioka-san’s car was making more of 250-300. Kondo went to top 16 that day as well.

  31. Blaze1 says:

    Yasu’s base motor (NA 16 valve 4ag) made around 160-180HP. Cant quite remember if he was running nitrous at that event.

    Yoshioka’s base motor (NA 20 valve black top) makes 220HP, a 80 shot of nitrous brings it to 300.

  32. Mike Peters says:

    I wasn’t talking about him judging, but that would be cool too.

    Why does everyone think you need a v8 to win at drifting? I know this sounds ironic from the guy who started the whole LS1 240 thing, but seriously, you don’t neeeeeeeed a v8. Any 1/2 compitent driver with some throttle commitment can go to town at any event.

    I just did the v8 thing because back then it was cool and different, and it was what this country needed to pull out of the recession, hope, red stickers, white smoke, and blue paint, and Chevrolet v8’s.

    A ae86 with a 350rwhp 3sgte setup and 245’s on the back would dessimate all after the 15k overnight motorset from Japan, for real, homeboy.

  33. Johnny-O says:

    clearly mr peters is still living in 2005, when you could win a tandem battle without a V8.

    2010 FD isn’t about throttle commitment. It’s about making a gap between you and your opponent, in any way possible. Go look at the top 5 point standings, and count how many non-v8’s are up there.

  34. Mike Peters says:

    I’m pretty sure that Gardella’s solstice did just fine with the ecotec, and that if D1 still had the round at Irwindale, they would clown on us with a vast array of non-v8 cars.

    This everyone has a v8 stuff is honestly sad to see happen to this extent.

    But from a spectators perspective I could understand the “everyone must have a v8” perception.

  35. roadsterfag says:

    Blaze1:”The corolla is still competitive in D1GP.”

    I don’t know if I would list D1 as a legit professional league anymore, it’s become a joke.

    And….Mike Peters, starter of shitty trends.

  36. Blaze1 says:

    How is D1GP Japan joke?

  37. Dspeed says:

    FYI Yoshioka is working for us here @ DriftSpeed now. if any one wants to get a hold of him please come on by or contact us.