D1 Grand Prix Arrives on Television in 30 Minutes – Speed TV

Posted on Sep 4, 2010 In D1GP International Japanese

Speed TV is bringing D1 Grand Prix to America this weekend. In fact, the show kicks off on Speed at 3:30pm PST which is just short of 30 minutes away. Here is a link to the events layout per date: Updated 2010 D1GP Schedule on Speed TV which you can glance at. Today’s 60 minute program will cover the Tokyo Odaiba event that happened back in March.

EDIT: Just checked the DVR and it said 3:30pm! So you have a few more minutes of NASCAR qualifying to watch.


  1. tumbleweeds says:

    I missed it…. was it any good?

  2. Buckey says:

    hahaha it was pretty cool. the announcer was butchering names left and right…. it surprised me however.

    it’s crazy seeing those dudes drive ueno’s cars. forrest was hating on the fraudulent tranny hahaha!

    mike was getting nutz busting donuts on the R/C car!

  3. Justin B says:

    My ears are still burning from that horrible narrator. I could only watch because of the footage.

  4. Chris R says:

    Sick episode. I’m a loyal FD fan but damn that was some solid tandem battle footage. No filler…I liked that.

    My DVR is set to grab FormulaD and D1GP…DirecTV rules!!!

    THANKS WRECKED FOR THE HEADS UP…I went on as soon as you posted the reminder ad. Do that for FormulaD too!