Luke Lonberger to drift a Corvette in Formula Drift?

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 In Formula D Spy Shots


Seems like Luke Lonberger is thinking about running a new Corvette in Formula Drift. Luke posted this rendering of this Corvette wearing Hankook colors and his shop logos on his Facebook account. It’ll be interesting to see if this build kicks off, and is successfull in Formula Drift. His post on Facebook didn’t provide much information about a debut or release time but what does everyone think about another Chevrolet Corvette in the series?

Casey Crittenden

I first got into drifting around 2006 after finding videos on YouTube. I ended up attending my first drift event in 2007 at Sonoma Raceway and was hooked. Wrecked Magazine offered me a job here in 2010 and since have been a freelance writer, and striving towards my own drift career.


  1. petite pounder says:

    DOPE. im all for it.

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Corvette, cool.

    Guy who used to list events his car was in the car show at as “200x Formula Drift Competitor” is really not cool.

    Get someone who can actually drive it. Guy learned how to build cars well, needs to stick with that. Corvette is a winning brand, not a mediocre with 700rwhp on 235’s brand.

  3. Bobby says:

    That thing looks sick.

  4. phouc says:

    love it!

  5. A driver says:

    That’s the Corvette C6.R that runs in ALMS. Unless he plans on buying a car from the Corvette factory team, I don’t see how he’ll be drifting it.

  6. Cam says:


    If im not mistaken, this is the dude who acutally built the current Hankook Camaro. Never cheated no one out of money IIRC.

    As far as driving skill goes…who knows. But even if he builds the car and cant compete in it he can put a seat under someone elses butt.

    I hope blue808 is the new “king” of hankook.

  7. Mr. E says:


  8. Mike Peters says:

    Like I said, build yes, drive no. Looks like someone was bored in photoshop, and Wrecked wanted to throw something up for fun.

  9. We will have more info when the time comes.
    And my last name is spelled Lonberger


  10. Casey Crittenden says:

    Cant wait to see more on the car.

    And my bad man,
    Its been corrected.

  11. Tung says:

    looks awesome!

  12. Terry says:

    let Todd Ho drive it!