D1 Grand Prix USA Marketing Deck – Full of Lies and Misinformation

D1 Grand Prix 2010 Marketing and Sales Packet

The proposal isn’t to bad until Page 16 where you get to a D1GP Vs. Formula D comparison page. Sadly they have been sending this packet to potential sponsors and companies trying to bash Formula D and spread blatant lies about the series. The comparison chart is located below and if your having trouble reading it, you can pull up a full size image with a link just below the comparison chart. In my post below all of the

D1GP Vs. Formula D
D1GP vs. Formula Drift – Full Size Image

Organizational Footprint

D1GP – “Worldwide”  This statement is a stretch but I guess we can even give them this one. They did have D1GB (D1 Great Britain) but after the 2006 D1 Vs. World event in Irwindale they ticked off the guys helping them over in that area. By the next year they split ties with D1GP and started EDC. I know Team Orange has done a few demos worldwide but all of the events have been in Japan/USA in past few years otherwise.

Formula D – “US/North America” All of this information is correct but they did leave out quite a bit of information. They threw an event in Panama (It is also the fastest growing economy and the largest per capita consumer in Central America) which covers them for Central America. For the past four years they have been throwing events in Southeast Asia adding that to the group. “US/North America/Central America/Southeast Asia”

Years in Operation

D1GP – “Japan 11 years / US 7 years” – They have not thrown events for 7 straight years in the USA. In 2008 they announced things and never threw an event on US soil. So far to date they have thrown events in 6 years since coming to the USA. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009. This season coming up would make the 7th season for them.

Formula D – “US 6 years” For starters they have been in the USA throwing events for 7 years. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, and 2010. They have thrown events for four years in Southeast Asia. Also 2 years in Panama (Central America).

Live Events

D1GP – “Japan, USA, Malaysia, UAE, China”  I cannot find a record of D1GP throwing a live event in Malaysia since 2006. To this date they have never thrown an event in the UAE or China. I have been told this winter they are throwing an event in Abu Dhabi (UAE) but no date was given to me.

Formula D – The proposal lists nothing for this section. Here is where Formula D has been doing live events “USA, Mexico, Panama, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.”

Domestic or US Television

D1GP – “Speed/Fox Sports Net” The SPEED schedule for D1GP changes days and times through the broadcast. Some episodes are broadcast on Saturday and then some are moved to Sunday. The times range from 2:00pm to 6:30pm across those day changes. Link to D1GP Speed TV Post

Formula D – “Canceled” This is just blatant bullshit. This year they have a program on VERSUS like last season. The show starts airing on 8/15/2010 in the 4:00pm time slot on Sunday for 13 straight weeks with no changes. They also have a re-air of each broadcast which is at 5:30pm the Tuesday after it’s original air date. Formula Drift has never been canceled off a network and offered consistent television since 2005:

2005- G4TV
2006- G4TV
2007- ESPN2
2008- SPEED
2009- Versus
2010- Versus

Link to Formula D VERSUS Post

International Television

D1GP – “Tokyo TV, BS Fuji” No comments here due to lack of information/knowledge.

Formula D – “None” Another bold faced lie listed by D1GP. Formula Drift has posted before it’s syndication to over 300,000,000+ homes internationally that broadcast Formula D on television. They have posted that before on channel/country so if your eager to tune in, locate that sheet. It’s possible Formula D could post some of those slots here in the comments as well. In addition, Formula Drift Asia events are broadcast locally on Star Sports which is owned by ESPN. They have a reach including India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and more spreading to 200,000,000 homes. These events air on Star Sports quite often and know people who see them frequently. For those of you who know Jason Small his father travels to China on business frequently and tells us about watching Formula D there. Just to provide solid proof, we have posted a whole episode of Star Sports coverage on our site before: Formula D Singapore on Star Sports Part 1


D1GP – “100+ Titles” This is an actual fact they listed in the proposal. D1 under the Option banner has released tons of DVDs which you can buy here.

Formula D – “2 Only Through Drift Alliance” Chalk up another lie. Want to buy Formula D DVD’s? 2005 Season DVD is here and No Limits DVD is here on our store. So now we have established that they released DVDs before. Currently you can access the Formula Drift All Access portion of the website and watch all the old television episodes from the series. New events are also now broadcast on the live stream and archived for viewing. None of these options are things D1GP does offer.

Yearly Estimated Unit Sales (for DVD)

D1GP – “3 Million” This is just not true. Assuming that a DVD costs about $1.00 to press (which is pretty correct) and they sell for an average net profit of $10.00 (low estimate) they would be bringing in $30,000,000 NET PROFIT a year just from DVD sales. The reality is then D1GP wouldn’t be having these financial issues everyone in the Japan drifting scene whispers about. Also speaking with US distributors of the DVD they just don’t move that many units, nothing even close. Less than 10,000 unit sales a year in US sales is a number I was told. So where are these other 2,900,000 DVDs being sold?

Formula D – “0” I am sure someone buys the DVD units they have made but I guess you cannot list a number D1 Grand Prix when you lied about them making DVDs in the first place.

Video Games

D1GP – “Yes” This is correct. In 2004 they released a D1GP game for Japanese PS2. It wasn’t very good. Then in 2005 they launched D1GP 2005 for the Japanese PS2 which was awesome. It had the three judges very animated in the bottom left corner of the screen as you drifted. In 2006 they brought that same D1GP 2005 game to the United States and released it as NTSC game so it could be playable on a US Playstation 2. They also have had Ryuji Miki’s Top Secret D1GP car featured in Forza 2 and Forza 3. On Japanese arcade systems you can drift as several D1GP cars in Battle Gear 4 as well.

Formula D – “No” Well guess who got it wrong again? They have been featured in two EA Game productions with Formula Drift. The most recent in Need for Speed SHIFT you have Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 2010 Mustang (PROOF). It is unlocked at Level 10 driver level and you can use it to compete in various drift events. Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis was also featured in Forza 3 in a free Hyundai DLC pack that came out just after SEMA 2009 to all Xbox Live players (PROOF).


D1GP – “Yes” Ummm really? Since when did D1 Grand Prix release a MMORPG which stands for “Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.” Per wikipedia “It is a genre of computer role-playing games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual gaming world.” Anybody know about this one and I am just in the dark? The best I could find is “Drift City” which they called a MMORPG and didn’t look much like one by definition. It also appeared to have no affiliation with D1GP I could find. Perhaps they are working on a Dungeons and D1GP dragons for 2010?

Formula D – “No” This is correct. On the bright side you can play Fantasy Drift for the Formula Drift series here at Wrecked Magazine.

Mobile Games

D1GP – “Yes” They do have in the proposal information about an iPhone drifting game coming out. Don’t think it is on market currently.

Formula D – “No” You cannot get games from Formula Drift but they do have a LiveStream application and you can access Fantasy Drift on mobile phones.


D1GP – “Option Magazine (Japan)” This is correct.

Formula D – “No” Formula Drift doesn’t own a magazine but you cannot deny the exposure Formula Drift gets from various media outlets in the United States. An independent study done by Meltwater News showed that Formula Drift has a 90% market share with magazine editorial coverage worldwide.

Professional Judges

D1GP – “All” I agree with this statement.

Formula D – “1 of 3” Alright so who is the one professional judge? I mean all three drivers have competed on a professional level in Formula Drift. Pretty sure all of them participated in the old D1GP events as well. This is just an absurd statement thrown in here to discredit Formula Drift.

Driftbox Technology

D1GP – “Yes” This is a correct statement. Due to malfunctions of this system back in the 2009 USA series, they made a few drivers run multiple qualifying runs since the box didn’t log any information.

Formula D – “No” I chalked up a debate with a professional driver on this topic and he ended it before it started with “who cares?” I think that somehow put it better than I ever could.

Professional Street Legal Series

D1GP – “Yes” The way they worded the category is just pure trickery. Sure, you guys named your Pro Am series “Street Legal” and nobody else has a “Street Legal” series but it’s just a fancy word for “Am.”

Formula D – “No”  They call their series the Formula Drift Pro Am and we mostly reference it as “Am” series. They have a network in the Am series of over 10 series I know of and did some in Southeast Asia as well.

Car and Driver Entries

D1GP – “100+” I have attended several D1GP events in Japan along with the United States in the past 6 years. Never have I seen an entry list of 100+ cars. Even if they met that number, it’s a very irrelevant number. The issue here is quality over quantity any day.

Formula D – “50+” Correct.

Live Event Countries

D1GP – “Japan, U.S., Dubai, China” The big sore thumb here…. Dubai is not a country. It isn’t even the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (proper country name). Dubai is a city and also an emirate of the UAE (think of in America as a state) which they have seven of in the whole country. They didn’t even put enough thought/proof reading into this proposal to verify that fact. Also from Live Events to Live Event Countries Malaysia magically vanished.

Formula D – This section had no entry for Formula Drift. We covered this back in live events but I will bring the same list down. “USA, Mexico, Panama, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.”

Number of Yearly Events

D1GP – “15-20” This is correct fact.

Formula D – “5 to 7” With international reach Formula Drift will throw 12 events in 2010. The American championship points series consists of 7 rounds. Never in history have they had 5 championship point rounds in one year. 2004 they had 4 (inaugural season) and in 2005 they jumped to 6 rounds. By 2006 they went to 7 rounds for America and have not changed to this day.

Average Attendance Per Event

D1GP – “10,000″ If you went to D1GP USA in 2009 you would know that number was not the case. I won’t really dispute that for Japan numbers because of a lack of direct first hand knowledge. It’s been a good minute since D1GP packed in 10,000 here in the USA.

Formula D – “6,000” That is another joke. All three events this season have been well clear of 10,000 fans. Irwindale last year broke an attendance record and sold out.

Editor Side Note: It upsets me to see D1GP using these false pretenses and malice practices to try and win sponsorship. While I know some of you might care I think it was worth getting out in the open. Over the last few days they have had reps posting on our site talking about how they are here for the good and growth of the sport. Sure doesn’t seem like it after reading over this. The document’s authenticity was verified by me with proper contact information in the back of this packet along with talking to people who had seen the same packet in presentations/meetings with D1GP. The packet came from a very trustworthy source in the industry who I thank and owe drinks too soon.

I attended my first drift event at Road Atlanta in 2005 while shooting for Import Racer Magazine (RIP). Since then I have produced drift content for PAS Magazine, Modified Magazine, Drifting Magazine (RIP), and many more publications. I was the producer of the movie Slide America and then helped found this website in 2007.


  1. Blaze1 says:

    “D1 even let a couple drivers run for free in all the events last year, simply to build the series and talent pool”

    I wonder why, oh because from 05-07 they were too busy kicking drivers out of there series. Drivers like Orido, Ueo, Miki,and NOB. Funny how all those drivers ended up driving in FD at some point. I would include takatori, but he is just about the only driver who has not spoke about his dealings with FD in public.

  2. petite pounder says:

    pollard, somehow u’ve turned yourself from a decent guy to someone who should shut up. without blogs like wrecked, or people with “fingers and an opinion” no one would know or give a rats ass about who you are.

    the fact is that politics run in everything. i have yet to see anyone from wrecked openly state “d1 sucks” or anything of that matter. in fact, its clear to see that they care about this sport enough that they’ll expose lies that D1 has stated about it. its clear that its not because they are in support of FD, but its actions such as these that HURT the sport rather than help it. Media brings BS to light, and this is a prime example of it.

    You have likened wrecked as fox news, however, it seems like this comment section is more of an open forum to prove them wrong, yet no one from D1 has taken the opportunity to do so. if wrecked were like fox news, they’d just tell you D1 is garbage and shove that down your throat and said that was the final word. i think wrecked has done a great job in bringing to light the discrepancies that exist in this packet and brought it to a more professional level of conduct. if you are insinuating that the inclusion of politics makes drifting ‘un-fun’ then why have you decided to do D1 and FD? perhaps you should stick with running only grassroots events where politics dont matter as much.

    allow me to paint a picture you can understand since you are but a driver and most def not a scholar. Lets say one of your sponsors decides to invest alot of money into this upcoming year for D1 having been deceived by this packet. they spend alot of money only to see D1 mess up again and fail to meet expectations. now come the end of the year when their investment doesnt have the returns they were expecting, they pull out of D1, but also pull your sponsorship because now they gotta cut money where they can. not only has the sport lost a sponsor, but u’ve lost one. see how this can directly affect you?

    also, how do you know the demographics of who are writing comments? does it matter that they arent clutch kicking? doesnt it matter that they, the fans, are spending their hard earned money to come watch people like yourself and support the sport? for that matter, does the voice of the people not matter to you? the comments made by people here are not just blatant hate for no reason. its justified concern and disgust with how D1 has conducted themselves in years past.

    backpedaling your statements with “cheers everyone” while attacking your fan base is unprofessional and in poor taste. if you are going to be professional and be in a professional series…act accordingly. you dont see sam hubinette here spouting off.

  3. old wise man says:

    Mike- Just because you make top 10 in every US AM event you enter means what? There is 10 other dudes at every event all over the country that work just as hard as you chasing a dream in the same boat…. Cool you are going for it but don’t let the fact that D1 is making you a ton of promises skew your view of Drift and what it takes to make it. This whole scenario reminds me of big producers selling a dream to a boy band they gonna make you rich and famous or something? Your ignorance reminds me of a goat with a carrot dangling in front of it about to walk of a cliff.

    As far as your comment about the FD proposal, I bet it doesn’t even mention D1. You know why? Because FD has a solid series with a great track record that has been here alive and well since 2004 and they just throw facts to sponsors and sponsors see value.

    Follow this carrot>good advice> You might wanna stop being D1’s face to this audience right about now, so that when the empty promises come to light and they are gone AGAIN you can still hold your head up high.

    Words of Wisdom for D1….Work with the momentum or leave!

  4. mike says:

    wow just wow… i hope you have a better day 🙂 to much negativity here.. way to take a positive post and make it negative … its cool you guys win haha , continue the D1 hate posts i guess …

    cheers everyone! well everyone positive that is and you negative people can join us at any time when your rdy to grow up.

    guess we’ll just have to wait and see what tha future brings 🙂

  5. Brian Fox says:

    I see this all the time with sponsorship decks. This is nothing new and when people bash other things it’s because they don’t have any real facts to stand on. The industry knows the facts and you shouldn’t see any real companies supporting this series. If you do, they are suckers and don’t know shit about drifting to begin with and the history here in the US.

    The only thing I still see from D1 is the old program on Discovery HD following Sam, and new driver getting into it from back in 2004.

    Bottom line, D1 came to me last year to try and help them market here in the US and just blew smoke up my butt with lies. They talk and can’t walk!

  6. NismoVQ says:

    You know what? Formula D is the american version of D1GP. Im sorry but I still see D1GP as the iconic ground setting group that put drifting on the map in the U.S. The last even I attended was D1GP Anaheim, CA and I WAS HEATED! “DRIFT BOX”!!! WTF!! I refuse to attend Formula D events as this “new” group of “drifters” claim that formula d is better than d1. If you have never attended a D1GP event you have no room to speak here as you don’t have the smallest idea of the amount of hype it brings from Japan. Personally I am all for bringing D1GP back but leave the drift box on the boat.


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  8. Whaaaat says:

    Street legal dose not mean am. Hell nomu ken has a SL car