D1 Grand Prix Announces 2010 USA Schedule – In June?

Posted on Jun 9, 2010 In D1GP USA Schedule

It appears this buzz and rumors about the D1 Grand Prix series coming back are true. Once we hit June I figured there was no possible way they could produce a 2010 schedule and expect sponsors, drivers, and fans but alas, I am proven wrong again. Here are the event dates/venues for the 2010 schedule. Information on Speed TV deal will come in following post.

Round 1- August 13 – Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
Round 2- August 14 – Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
Round 3- September 24/25 – Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta, GA
Round 4- October 29/30 – Homestead Miami Speedway, Homestead, FL
Round 5- November 27/28 – Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, CA


  1. James Evins says:

    Wow! I’m so there!

  2. J240 says:

    They’re not coming to E-Town? Wow, a bit of pitty and sadness at the same time.

  3. conspire says:

    Texas gets a nice jump in the season points with back to back (day to day) rounds.

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    Geeez, I’m not sure how I feel about this. More hype like last year?

  5. byron h. says:

    it’ll be interesting to see how the run AMS. The roa-val corse is kinda small.

  6. Amir Rizvi says:

    So going to be ready for this!!!!!!!!

  7. Tony N says:

    Full HD one hour episodes are in production – and they look amazing. I’ve seen the source. IT”S REAL.

  8. Troskinatior says:

    WTF why not etown?

  9. VQ Power 11 says:

    @Tony N

    Why wasn’t last season in production? Just because a bunch of D1 people are posting in here filling it “positive” feedback doesn’t mean we are going to drink the Kool-Aid.

    I agree with Wrecked, I will believe it when we see it. D1 is the boy who has cried wolf one too many times in the USA.

  10. what a joke says:

    WOW I cant believe they suckered someone else into supporting this sh!t show again. I think I might launch a series too, maybe I’ll find some desperate drivers and offer them the world. I might even announce in November though……

  11. magic mike says:

    d1 never cried wolf lmao.. misinformation and people like you who hear things and get on forums and blogs and hype it up from misinformation are the cause… the past is tha past and i am happy to say the future looks promising.. or dwell on tha past and get nowhere lol … hope to see anyone on here that actually goes to events and competes at all the d1 usa rounds 🙂 lets make it exciting

    -mike pollard

  12. VQ Power 11 says:

    So who is signed up for the series?
    Any committed drivers?
    How are they going to drift AMS?
    Are the Japanese guys coming over again?
    Are they going to run over course workers and throw trophies in the trash again?

    I for one would love to see the last part aired on SPEED this year…. that would make for some good TV.

  13. dirty jeezey says:

    No Etown, no care.

    Go XDC!

  14. Mike Peters says:

    I’ll go to this, but last year D1 brought a almost worthy D1 series, was good for a start up year.

    This seems like a thrown together deal, with TWO MONTHS notice?

    Go Formula Drift.

    Go XDC.

    Best of luck to D1 if planned out properly in 2011. Even if they pull a hat-trick this year they’re gonna get the left overs/wanna be’s from XDC/D1.

    I wonder if I can take the Brat…

  15. Mike Peters says:

    Also, here are some questions everyone is going to ask, becuase everyone is skeptical. You’ll note that all of the series who announce their events 6-8 months before the 1st event don’t have these questions.

    A) Who’s judging?

    B) Who’s running logistics, the show part.

    C) Who’s doing tech/rules/race control, and what are the rules?

  16. magic mike says:

    mike peters.. (understanble) i guess we’ll just have to see 🙂

  17. magic mike says:

    yes understandable is spelled wrong hahah

  18. ben braden says:

    do these guys have any idea what Dallas in like in Aug?
    it will be 265 degrees in the shade and very few people are going to crowd the grandstands for that.
    also when they say TMS are they speaking about the infield road-course or the bus lot there is a section of the infiend that looks a little like the lollipop at road atlanta choice 1 is awesome choice 2 is lame.
    finally i would like to take the time to offer tent space to anyone in my back yard anyone with the exception of but mike peters I’m 7 miles from TMS

  19. SAM says:

    i hope its not the people from hin doing the event again, if it is than its all fail. have it well orginized and more japanese drivers as well as other foreigners. do it like the allstar,exhabition deals you guys done before for the remainding year and plan out a real schedule for 2011

  20. Mike Peters says:

    Magic Mike, you working with this d1 thing? Any concrete info at all?

    Ben Braden…are you the guy that was that two of my vendors called me about with a shop called “Cloud Factory Motorsports” or something, who’s shop was “Washed away in Hurricane Ike” even though y’all never had a shop? , and y’all tried running events, and claimed you were “In charge of a factory backed Nissan series/team?” I may be wrong, and sorry if I am, but I think you are that guy.

    Anyways, word on the street is this is the production company behind D1’09 and thats the only people running it, no judges even in the works, and still working on finding logistics people.

    I’m all about F1 in 2 years on a track that doesn’t exist, but I’m justifiably skeptical here. Give us a little information whoever D1 people are.

  21. Imma Notstupid says:

    I just called Irwindale Speedway to ask and they said they have no date for D1. I’m just tired of all this.

  22. jdmwill says:

    gay…../thread d1 usa is dead deal with it. specially to leave out any north eastern states out of the mix… double dead

  23. Fireshake says:

    Just checked the SPEED website seems like they are posting it on their own site. Hmmmm why would they do that? Maybe because they know something about what they are airing, maybe?