Ryuji Miki’s Lexus SC430 in the pits.

Posted on Jun 3, 2010 In Formula D Ryuji Miki Spy Shots


Luke Longberger spoted Ryuji’s new ride in the pits in New Jersey.  Its good to see Ryuji’s new car done, its looks amazing. It’ll be interesting to see if he uses this or his Mazda RX7 for this round and just does some shake down runs in the Lexus. I dont see this car being competitive right from the start since the car was recently completed.

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Casey Crittenden

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  1. what a hideous car. and i was really excited to see this car completed too!

  2. J240 says:


  3. Cam says:

    Does not hold a candle to the FD.

  4. petite pounder says:

    something something ride height and camber fail

  5. Patrick says:

    I actually think it’s really cool. And it’s got a ninja driver behind the wheel.

  6. Cam says:

    no one brought this up yet… but it looks like its LHD

  7. Irish25256 says:

    looks awesome

  8. Eason says:

    Cam is right, in ’08 he had bergenholtz redo the purple and white FD to RHD before seatle

  9. thatonedude says:

    it is LHD. ryuji was struggling to even get the car to drift, but slowly started to get it sideways. as far as i know, the rx7 isnt even in new jersey

  10. steve b. says:

    it’d look better if it was lower and had no roof

  11. Jundt says:

    Dam, that a good look in race car, 2 thumbs up.

  12. byron h. says:

    I like the car but it sounds like ass.