Hankook Tires Lexus SC430 – Ryuji Miki [IN THE PITS]

Posted on Jun 3, 2010 In Formula D Ryuji Miki Spy Shots

Ryuji Miki - Lexus SC430 - Formula D

Ryuji Miki - Lexus SC430 - Formula D

Ryuji Miki - Lexus SC430 - Formula D

Ryuji Miki - Lexus SC430 - Formula D

The last of the 2010 debut cars look like they have arrived at Formula Drift Round 3. We leaked renders, build shots, and video screen grabs of this car during the off season and last few months which resulted in legal fees, lawyers, and other nonsense but that is for another day.

The car looks to be running a factory V8 engine with the following sponsors: Hankook Tires, V-LEDS, Lexus, Seibon, Sparco, Bride, V12, Kaaz, Bride, ClutchMasters, WedsSport, NGK Spark Plugs, and Gruppe-S. The car has quite a hefty list of sponsors and all eyes will be on Ryuji Miki and his performance at Wall Speedway. I have noted that the car is Left Hand Drive which possibly poses and interesting adjustment issue for Japanese (RHD) driver Ryuji Miki.

Ryuji Miki currently has 9 Fantasy Drift points for the season putting him 8th in points scoring overall for the 2010 season. He could pay off great in the new platform or possibly fail to qualify so watch out for him closely over the weekend if he is on our Fantasy Team. New platforms always seem to be a wild card on performance and proper preparation. Judging by the fact this car was delayed until Round 3, we have a feeling it won’t have many of the issues new cars at Long Beach always seem get. What do you think about the new Lexus SC430 they are debuting this weekend?


  1. Lucky7thirt33n says:

    In the following sponsors list, V12 should be VIP Auto Salon

  2. Patrick says:

    It’s badass. Could be a bit lower though.

  3. benjyboyo says:

    needs to slam it! but look, just goes to show, the JDM companies like A’Pexi manage to take a USDM car, set it up for formula-d with a hugee V8 and still manage to make it look badass, something that the US companies are yet to do.. (excluding Drift Emporium)

  4. Biggu says:

    Whats up with the 4×4 status?

  5. Marty says:

    It’s Wall, you don’t want a low car there.

  6. Jundt says:

    That Ride is Sweet.