Honda Element at Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta

Posted on May 7, 2010 In Formula D

This drifting Honda Element came from the NOPI Drift series and use to be painted orange if you possibly remember it in that fashion. This NSX powered Honda Element is one of the strangest things we have seen in sometime. He brings BFGoodrich, Mishimoto, and Honda Racing to the table for his 2010 season. He failed to qualify at Road Atlanta this weekend however.


  1. Who is driving this machine? And how did it make it to FD? I thought cars/crossovers like this weren’t allowed.

  2. Wrecked Magazine says:

    You can always apply for rulebook exemptions, to be quite truthful I know the rulebook well but I don’t know that section so I cannot really answer that for you.

    The driver James Robinson has been around the sport on and off for some time. He is an employee of Honda North America in Columbus, Ohio along with Dennis Mertzanis who did make the Top 32.

    Here is the Honda Element drifting at NOPI Columbus Ohio. It use to be orange:

  3. elementowner says:

    He got his license at GT Live in 2008 and took 4th at NOPI Columbus before they went under.
    As far as the car being legal, he told me this weekend that he had to move the engine and transmission up recently to comply with the rules, so I guess it must be legal. He also said he replaced the engine the day before Road Atlanta, so maybe that’s why he didn’t do so well?? Said he hopes to get the kinks worked out before NJ. Hope so, seems like a nice guy and loved watching that thing in action – way to represent the Element!

  4. Thank you so much to you both for the info. I remember this thing being orange; its nice to see that no one gave up on this driftbox.

  5. Vince says:

    this is a different Element than the orange one. The wheel weels, bumpers, fog light sockets, etc are diff,…thus a different Element

  6. loki says:

    I met this guy in vegas for round 5 of the series. I don’t know about any nopi runs. But it was originally painted orange. The intire engine compartment is bright orange. And its a 3.2 from the tl model that’s been twin turbo’d pushing 600 hp. It comes from an all wheel dr element. They turned it to rear wheel dr with a beefier rear differential and transmission. Thing in one word is sick. And as far as formula d rules. As long as you don’t move the firewall and use parts anyone can get there hands on. Your pretty much good to go for anything. That’s why you see. A scion tc with a v8 truck engine in it

  7. chris says:

    it is a diff element. the orange one was a 07-08 element SC look and this one is a 09-10 element SC look