Michael Essa with his V10 Powered BMW 335i [DRIFTING SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Apr 7, 2010 In Formula D Michael Essa

Michael Essa - BMW 335i

Michael Essa - BMW 335i

Michael Essa - BMW 335i

The man who followed the rules of Keep It Simple Stupid in the off season was able to attend Media Day and throw down some amazing runs in this BMW 335i. Start with cool car, throw huge motor in it, add steering angle, and drift. The huge motor was sourced from a BMW M5 which is a high revving V10 engine. Michael left the motor stock and it still sounds beyond amazing. The car isn’t overbuilt or something insane but for the moment it works and runs like some of the new 2010 projects. The car appears to maybe need a little suspension tuning for it to be perfect but we think it could end well for this awesome project.


  1. Ed says:

    New drivers and teams – take notes. this guy knows how it’s done!

    Finished his car 3 weeks ahead of time and got plenty of testing in!

  2. Bill says:

    should have taken those 3 weeks to make the car look a little less boring.

  3. RACERX says:

    Should of took some time to drop that shit a couple of inches.

  4. GSR-Nick says:

    Yeah, we focused on the mechanicals first and our new custom carbon fiber wide-body kit was not completed in time for Long Beach. We can’t lower the car to where we want it until we get the new body panels. Hopefully we’ll get it done by Round 2.