The 2011 Ford Mustang V6 Has Arrived – 5 Questions with Vaughn Gittin Jr. & Joey Redmond

Posted on Mar 30, 2010 In Car Reviews Lifestyle Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Grabber Blue 2011 V6 Mustang
1. How has the 2011 Ford Mustang V6 changed from years past?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – At 305 HP and 280 lbs torque, it has about 100 more HP compared to years past and still gets 31MPG. It’s pretty rev-happy with a 7000RPM redline and they now have a six-speed transmission for both manual and automatics. The suspension is much more responsive by way of larger sway bars and stiffer dampers. They really stepped it up and it is an extremely fun car to drive, I never EVER thought I would say that about a V6 Mustang, The Mustang team continues to impress me year after year!

Joey Redmond – Just before I hopped into this car it occurred to me the 1996 SVT Cobra my buddy had when I was in high school only made 305hp. To pack that into the new V6 that scores over 30MPG is pretty impressive. Even the V6 now gets a 6 speed transmission and dual rear exit exhaust. With the power and performance of this car it takes the Mustang from rental fleet burnout machine to a competitor for some Japanese V6 imports.

2011 V6 Ford Mustang Engine

2. Is 300+ horsepower really appropriate for a base Mustang?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Absolutely! The V8 has been 315 HP for years and I haven’t had any problem 100% enjoying those in stock form. The V6 also has about 150 lbs less weight up front then the GT. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would run neck-and-neck with the 2010 GT anywhere. Base model is only 22K; it is arguably the most fun, affordable car out there.

Joey Redmond – I am never going to complain about too much horsepower. It’s a good sign that Chevrolet and Ford are in such a horsepower war they are taking it to the V6 models.

Race Red 2011 V6 Mustang Rear

3. Can you make the V6 a budget drift car?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Oh yeah, especially if you start with the V6 performance package which has even stiffer suspension, larger brakes, and a shorter gear ratio. Take it from the dealer showroom to the track, disconnect a wheel speed sensor, and you have a drift machine! Have fun all day, reconnect the sensor, change tires, and drive home.

Joey Redmond – Take Vaughn Gittin’s advice above but with a rental fleet 2011 V6 Mustang that way you don’t have to beat up your own. Make sure you get the insurance. The photo of the convertible above was the one I took around Los Angeles on the launch and it will lay down some rubber. When it comes to making a drift car we need

2011 V6 Mustang Rear Convertible Interior

4. Would you own one?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – YEP!

Joey Redmond – Going to have to press the pass button, I really want the 5.0 Mustang which our review will come out later this week. The interior upgrades are worth a look if you do want to buy one. They have a rear view camera that rivals brands like Infiniti and the setup they run. An A++ navigation system with Microsoft SYNC which makes driving around time a blast.

Grabber Blue V6 Mustang

5. Is the RTR factory package available for the V6?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – We hope to release a RTR package for the V6 later this year. We have everything ready except for the front chin and splitter. Stay tuned!


  1. GTRKing says:

    Sounds interesting, does it really feel like a 300hp+ machine?

  2. petite pounder says:

    GTRKing, are u a dumbass? wat would it feel like? 100hp?

    300hp is 300hp unless its attached to something super heavy. and im betting the mustang will be around 3500lbs

  3. dan heagy says:

    That would be great to have a V6 RTR car. then everyone can get one. looks allsome. can’t wait to see one in person.