Ken Gushi’s 2010 Scion tC – [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 In Formula D Ken Gushi

Ken Gushi

Ken Gushi

This team has been so quiet over this off season I practically forgot about them. It looks like they did a new paint scheme for 2010 that involves some red paint. We have heard it involves a huge X in the scheme but frankly we liked the flat look for 2009. The new team pulled a tip from drag racer Chris Rado and are now running 2AZ engine. This engine comes factory from the Scion tC. It appears the Scion Racing team wants to turn left and right this season unlike the NASCAR powered Rockstar Energy Drink team. Okay, that was a bad NASCAR pun so I will end this post on that note.



  1. adriver says:

    What a novel concept – using the engine that came in the car originally

  2. Jordan says:

    Wow I didnt know the scion came in rwd! Man this would have been illegal four years ago in fd but money can change alot of things. Ghey,these cars suck.

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  4. Travis says:

    @ Jordan. Scion’s don’t come in RWD. It uses the Chassis from the Toyota Avensis which comes in AWD. Per FD rules, a FWD car can not be converted to RWD. However since the tC’s Chassis is from an AWD Avensis, it is exempt from this rule and allowed to run in FD.