Joon Maeng Reviews His Test Day in the Mazda Rx-8

Posted on Mar 8, 2010 In Formula D Joon Maeng

Joon Maeng

On Tuesday, March 2nd, I gladly got out of my bed at 3 in the morning to head out for my first date with the Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto RX-8! Ron and I loaded up the vehicle along with spare parts, my new Sparco Racing gear, camera, etc. and got on the Freeway towards Walt James Oval Race Track!

I was astonished with testing the MAZDA RX-8! First time driving a vehicle with 604 WHP and 486 TORQUE! Those phenomenal Nitto NT05’s were smoking up the entire track and had plenty of traction and predictability! Bergenholtz Racing did an amazing job building this machine! I’m still trying to adapt with this powerful Mazda Trix 3 rotor Tial turbo Motec M800 setup.

It’s a plus that we’ll be on the ACT clutch setup soon. The clutch should last the full Formula Drift season, if not longer, with the brand new reliable/bullet proof ACT clutch. I’ve been running on them since my inception to drifting. I have total faith in their products cuz it’s the good stuff!

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  2. Lots of love for the Mazda Trix 3 Rotor! Woot!