Tony Angelo is 2010 Formula Drift Technical Manager

Posted on Mar 4, 2010 In Formula D Major Announcements Tony Angelo

Tony Angelo

A few issues back we wrote an issue about Tony Angelo being the new sheriff in town and it looks like this has finally come true. Due to his extensive knowledge  he has been elected Formula drift Technical Manager. The position focuses primarily on competition vehicle compliance and enforcement of Formula DRIFT technical regulations as stated in the Formula DRIFT rulebook. Tony took to his Wrecked Magazine blog to talk about him taking the position.

“Well, after a successful first year as a Formula Drift judge, I have been brought on to take over the role of Technical Manager.  I’ve been involved in technical regulations for awhile now. I have been involved in every facet of drifting, from racing to judging, building cars,  tech inspections and track setup since 2003, this experience made it possible for me to assume this new role with confidence. I revised the chassis rules at the end of last year, with some major changes that will allow many different cars and drivetrain setups to run at very similar levels on the track. I’ve been very busy with answering team questions and emails about new builds and new rules. I am excited about this new role, and aim to act on any issues that may arise in a quick, judicious and transparent manner. Who’s ready for Long Beach?!?!”



  1. ASD says:

    Awesome! Thats a great move by Formula D. Tony will do a really good job this new role. He calls it how he see’s it, and thats what this position needs.

    Roll on Long Beach!


  2. Cam says:

    T.Angelo ripping on some guys poorly built S13


  3. cyrious says:

    Best thread EVER!! funny shit!

    Good move for Tony

  4. FD Fan says:

    Will Tony still be judging?

  5. whocaes says:

    ut oh… ASD Ian is sucking up to the tech judge already… better double check those Falken cars! Great call by FD. Finally a tech steward willing to say no, fix it or don’t run!

  6. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Tony Angelo is still a Formula Drift judge.
    This is just added duties.

  7. ASD says:

    @ whocaes…

    If you knew me at all you’d know I don’t suck up to ANYONE.

    Dickhead comments like that are exactly why I rarely post anything publicly.

    Calling it how I see it.


  8. Gibbo says:

    whocaes = OWNED

  9. whocaes says:

    haha… it was just a joke. easy fito.