Gruppe S Makes Up Things We Said – I Feel the Need to Clear The Air

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 In Formula D

When this hit me on Ubertwitter a few hours ago it came as a quite a shock because I didn’t recall saying any of these things accused in the mentioned about tweets. I screen capped the comments above in case they were deleted by the user once the post went up. Normally I get my death threats, hate mail, lawsuits, cease and assist orders and ending of friendships in e-mail’s which are private and I keep those private in return. Since twitter is a public forum I decided to return in kind, publicly on the Internet. Since I was outed for not being professional and starting controversy I wanted to clear the air and break down this post we made.

Here is a link to the thread they are clearly upset about “We Are Left Scratching Our Heads on the Hankook Nissan GT-R.” The first comment which is on the bottom says “R35 will be ready for Formula D, dont start controversy, lets keep it professional.”

After reading my post 20 times and cannot find anywhere that I said they wouldn’t make it to Formula Drift. The quote I made in fact was “This make me nervous for Robbie Nishida and his performance in the 2010 season.” So for Robbie to be driving in 2010 wouldn’t his car need to be done? I have no doubts that Gruppe S will have the car done. You guys have been involved with teams for years dating back to Falken Tires and no one at Wrecked Magazine doubts your abilities. As for starting controversy I just merely re posted what you guys listed about the GT-R with some opinions attached.

As for the other post I am glad you guys have the car going and you run an amazing program. In fact, my Project 350z is running Seibon Carbon, Brian Crower Cams, and KW Suspension so I have no doubts in the GT-R. I’m aware the cage is done because I constantly am checking your guys blog but I didn’t think it was quite big enough news to run on the site. If you would like to keep our readers frequently updated you are welcome to a drivers lounge blog. I have a pretty open door policy on the website and have never told a pro/Am driver no to having one.

Now as for your engines being proven, I don’t say one thing about your engines in the whole post or imply you don’t know what your doing with them. My concern for Robbie Nishida is that seat time makes a championship performance and I don’t see him getting as much of it with the car not complete as this point. Look at last years champion when talking about seat time being proven and look at Tanner Foust (two time champion) failing to qualify at Wall Speedway.

Regardess, I hope that your tweet diatribes are done and I would love an apology. You can always just post it in our comments or tweet me back! Sorry for the long winded post but this one was kind of hard to @reply back them on twitter.

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  1. Matt says:

    Controversy is good, it creates buzz and media attention. A freindly jab is only freindly jab. Step on it Chewey, Long Beach is right around the corner.

  2. blahblah says:

    less this more news!!! if their blog is not worth your news then why post this? BTW Fan of Wrecked!

  3. Cam says:

    Drifting has a serious problem.

    No respect for the press, no respect for the fans… especially in Gruppe S’s case.

  4. Petite Pounder says:


  5. GaryG says:

    Joey that is the way to get after it.

  6. Brian Casse says:

    Good stuff Joey! I saw this last night and wanted to get at GruppeS myself but I figured you would make a post about it. They were out of line.

  7. GTRluvr says:

    I think the your tone in this paragraph is what I personally saw as shit talking:

    “Overlooking the photos and assuming they are current someone better stop “avoiding the project” as the blog said and get in gear. In case the calender is stuck in 2009 they should realize that Formula Drift Long Beach is barely more than 60 days away. While accepting the fact that the SEMA GT-R was a fraud (I think it’s safe to say they didn’t spray it silver from black to put vinyl on top) it makes us wonder if the actual race car will vary from the SEMA show piece.”

    Personally, if I was the editor of a magazine, I probably would’ve said something to the effect of “the SEMA GT-R was a mock up”.. calling someone or something a “fraud” certainly doesn’t make you sound impartial. But wtf do I know, right? Maybe like Gruppe-S, I still have a calendar that is “stuck in 2009”.

  8. jbrad says:

    Its been a pleasure to see Young Boy Adam grow into a great engineer/fabricator.

    I have faith in the guys over at Grouppe S to get the job done.

    Buy falken tires by the way.

  9. says:


    It is unfortunate that we have to communicate through a public forum (your original post was in a public forum so I assumed that public communication would be the best for you and responded to you on Twitter). We have an open door policy here in regards to the dispursment of media information on our race program including the cars and drivers. I was a bit surprised to find that you claimed that anything to do with our program is a fraud. Although I understand you may feel cheated that the SEMA car is not our actual race car, let me tell you that our actual race car was being stripped and prepped for Formula D at the time. We had to bring a car that would portray the likeness of our drift car. Your statement that it was a fraud didn’t go over well. If you wanted to be a media source that reports the correct info, then you could have called here or contacted us to get the truth. In no way did I EVER say that the car you saw at SEMA was the race car we were going to drift. If it makes you feel any better, the KW suspension, Seibon carbon, APR wing and mirrors from the SEMA car will be used on the actual drift car.

    I understand you might be nervous for Robbie. I didn’t want you to lose sleep over it so I sent you a nice Tweet to reassure you of our status. I guess naming our program and even saying or suggesting we are frauds for bringing a R35 to SEMA that would resemble our drift program in 2010 is unprofessional, in my opinion. If you expect an apology for expressing my opinion then I guess I should be expecting an apology for your opinion as well. I will definitely follow suit.

    Thank you for your time

    Eddie Kim – Team Principal

  10. Brian Speedline says:


    I’m relieved that you put in your word. I was bummed when I heard that your staff was going to cut down on the blog updates specifically because of negative energy being generated from pure speculation of all the haters. I hope you guys continue to update the blog, as it’s the only true source of what’s going on. It’s funny how all the naysayers are talking about one f*cking GTR, not realizing you had THREE in your possession that you are working with. But I don’t want to start any more speculation, so I’m gonna shut up now.

  11. Joey Redmond says:

    Alright, now we are getting somewhere with the accusations.

    @GTRluver the “avoiding the project” came from them, not me.


    I can understand your dislike of the word “fraud” but that is precisely what it was. Per Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word

    Main Entry: fraud
    Pronunciation: \ˈfrȯd\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English fraude, from Anglo-French, from Latin fraud-, fraus
    Date: 14th century
    1 a : deceit, trickery; specifically : intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right b : an act of deceiving or misrepresenting : trick
    2 a : a person who is not what he or she pretends to be : impostor; also : one who defrauds : cheat b : one that is not what it seems or is represented to be

    Per definition 1 B – it was misrepresenting which is what I would call the car. No hard feelings or I don’t think it discredits the program in any fashion but the SEMA 2009 GT-R was merely a show piece. The real question I was posing for my readers and working on investigating is if the car was going to be the same or different.

    We are friends on Facebook so if you drop me a message with your information I’ll gladly work through you on Dynamic information when possible. I apologize if you took anything I said as a jab but I report across the board with the same tone and factual demeanor. The offer for a blog stands as well, you can fill it with telling people how much I suck if your so inclined, Tony Angelo has told us we suck several times on his blog.


  12. Al says:

    shut up you fat fuck. you always stir up shit.


  13. oh goodie, dictionary definitions. so let me see, per definition of 1 of the word “cock”:

    1   /kɒk/ Show Spelled[kok]
    a male chicken; rooster.

    which means “male chicken, rooster”, you would not take offence to being called a cockgobbler then, eh?

    but for reals, they said it wasnt going to be the actual car. I dont care what your dictionary says, you called them a fraud. not cool.

  14. Bruce Buffer says:

    In this corner…. fighting out of Lake Forrest, California, weighing 3000+ pounds… Gruppe S’s GTR.

    In that corner…. fighting out of cyberspace… weighing XXX pounds…. JOSEPH REDMUNDO!

    Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbbblllllleeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


  16. Al says:

    Jesus… is people that much of a pussy that they can’t use their name?

    Where’s everyone’s balls?


  17. This whole argument needs to be decided gladiator style in the pit of death. But orginally from the first post and their official blog; Gruppe-S never said that the car on display at SEMA 2009 would be their competition car. But they should maybe have said that it was the representation of what they will be eventually bringing to FD in 2010. Still I wish Gruppe-S the best of luck and can’t wait to see the R35 in action. Hopefully against BLITZ’s machine someday.

  18. Ed says:

    if i had $1 for every car that “debuted” as a non-running car or as a chassis that was different than the actual chassis, I’d have… hmmm… almost $10 now.

    I think every tire manufacturer is guilty of it at some point in time. Anyone remember Papa Gushi’s WRX that debuted in Purple and RHD on Advans, but competed in Silver, LHD, on Enkei’s? Or the Charger, or Challenger, or …. the list goes on.

    Who cares.

  19. blahblah says:

    Is Wrecked a forum or News Source? Forums are for venting and spewing your personal feelings. I visit WM for news not cry baby spats and quotations of a dictionary in order to support an obviously biased reporting of a situation. More unbiased news and let the commenters form the opinions!!! This doesnt represent drifting well, and as the Drifting News Source, Hold yourselves to the highest standard.

  20. edwin guerra says:

    I really am interested in the engine setup this beast is going to harness….judging by his post mr. Kim is not a conventional dude so I’m sure something special(V8 turbo?) is in the wraps for mr. Nishida!

  21. Jake ledbetter says:

    Is blogging about pointing fingers? What the fuck happened to printed media ? Someone give me a hottub time machine so I can go buy scc.

  22. ernie says:

    i think you all should just back up from the matter .. if it wasnt for people like ed and joey, the other cars that where mentioned and all the people pushing builds like this .. we wouldn’t be here today ..

    honestly just think about the day that falken picked up all of DA .. thats changed everything ..

    or you (drivers/fans) we wouldn’t have a cool hobby/spot/lifestyle/jobs or what ever you want to call it ..

    i never like to step into the public like this and hide behind a computer to talk it out, when it should be face to face . lol but i have 2 friends here .. and i am just playing “the swiss”

    if ed gets it done he gets it done and that would be ill ..

    ed is a good dude he will get the job done one way or the other .. he always come thought in some way ..

    joey is a good dude too he means the best for drifting and is the best for drifting news ..

    we need things like this to keep this sport growing ..

    we need people like us to keep “it real” to keep it alive ..

    people do thinks for many reasons, in the end

    ed wants to drift and build an empire..

    joey wants to keep drifting alive and build an empire ..

    its all for the best of the sport .. let the boys do what they do .. and sit back and watch ..

    just my 2 cents

  23. Cam says:

    No, blogging isnt about doing anything in general. You could do what ever you want as a blogger… but I don’t think this website is about pointing fingers even though Joey is doing it here.

    But who pointed the finger first. Constructive criticism isn’t finger pointing FYI.

    Imagine if every coach or owner in the nba reacted negatively when a writer wrote something negative about their team….

    Let the man do his job… like Ernie said, without sites like these and fans there wouldn’t be a story to begin with.