Buy Daigo Saito’s D1GP USA JZX 100 on Yahoo! Auctions for 3,500,000

Posted on Feb 13, 2010 In D1GP D1GP USA International Japanese Merchandise

Daigo Saito

While I am pretty much a “gaijin” I do enjoy browsing Yahoo! Japan auctions for random goods when I get the chance. This morning I found Daigo Saito’s JZX 100 for sale. It’s listed at 3,500,000 yen (roughly $40,000 US) and possibly has 1 bid on it from what I can tell. Pardon my inability to read anything on the auction page but I am sure some of our comment crew can help us out. Anyway, if your looking for a turn key drifting car for Japan and have millions of yen tucked in a shoebox, this might be for you.

Buy It Here:


  1. benjyboyo says:

    been for sale via. SKAY imports in japan for quite a while, along with the supra he loaned to nishida in Ebisu Rd1.

    and if your having trouble reading the japanese try this

  2. I saw Daigo whip this car around at D1Gp Anaheim 09 and it’s a pretty sweet ride. Better in red than grey, but a great car for anyone looking for a turn key car. I have a feeling that it’ll be popping up again very soon.

  3. edwin guerra says:

    Hey Daigo San how about you purchase this masterpiece w your own funding and DARE to come over and compete @ the pinnacle of the Drift Battlefield? Camon Daigo don’t you hunger for Global Supremacy? I know your capable of it.

    If daigo joins 2010 It will be absolute madness in 2010 for Formula D. I’m shivering already

  4. I would absolutely love for that to happen. Daigo for Formula Drift 2010!

  5. Richie Watrs says:

    I am indebted to this blog and its comment posters for enlightening me .