We Are Left Scratching Our Heads on the Hankook Nissan GT-R

Posted on Feb 4, 2010 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip Spy Shots

The Gruppe-S blog just released some puzzling photos a few days ago of “Robbie Nishida’s Nissan GT-R. For starters those sure aren’t Hankook Tires on those factory rims but the Bridgestone Potenza’s that come from the factory. This car sure looks like a far cry from the item that was rolled out at the 2009 SEMA Show in a full Hankook wrap with body kit, suspension, and wheels. The SEMA show car is pictured below.

Now I gave this car a very detailed inspection and according to my SEMA notes this car was OEM painted black. The car they posted on the blog is sitting in silver. This probably explains the 0% tint they placed over the whole car as well. It looks like they slapped some parts and vinyl on a stock machine for the show and dealt with the race chassis later.

Overlooking the photos and assuming they are current someone better stop “avoiding the project” as the blog said and get in gear. In case the calender is stuck in 2009 they should realize that Formula Drift Long Beach is barely more than 60 days away. While accepting the fact that the SEMA GT-R was a fraud (I think it’s safe to say they didn’t spray it silver from black to put vinyl on top) it makes us wonder if the actual race car will vary from the SEMA show piece.

Ken Nomura earlier today was spotted with the first picture of his car drifting on our blog and  that is a two year in the making disaster from all I can tell. I saw that GT-R in person at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon in the Dunlop Tires booth and it’s just now rolling out into testing. This make me nervous for Robbie Nishida and his performance in the 2010 season. How do you guys think this car is going to perform in 2010?

Source: http://gruppe-s.blogspot.com/2010/01/boss-man-is-avoiding-r35.html


  1. Ed says:

    i’m sure nobody else has ever done this before… say, Falken in 2004 (Forsberg S15 + JR Mustang) and 2007 (Calvin Wan 350Z), RMR Genesis, Mopar Charger AND Challenger, Daigo Saito Mustang, Kumakubo Evo X and GTR,etc…..

    don’t act shocked. Lots of people debut a vinyl’d up non-running (and in some cases, no engine installed) car and run a completely different chassis when it comes time for competition.

    Who cares, as long as it shows up in Long Beach

  2. Norcal007 says:

    I think the point Wrecked Magazine is making is how is it that Blitz x Nomuken cannot get the car working in two years for competition how is Hankook going to accomplish this in 60 days?

    I don’t think the car is going to be ready for LBC but hey, here is to hope.

  3. Interesting to see how reliable it is going to be. Im sure the parts are cheap and easily accessible if something breaks. potenzas on the hankook car FTW!!!!

  4. GTRKing says:

    Hmmmm, Wrecked Magazine makes a good point. The timeframe is rough, mad props to Dynamic if they make it all happen.

  5. MaydayJohnP says:

    I hope this makes it to Long Beach.

  6. slider23 says:

    Well from what I hear, ED is reaaally good with smoke and mirrors… after all, he did get team owner/manager of the year. If this car doesn’t work, I’m sure he will do like he has done in the past… blame the driver.

  7. Makes me wonder what happened to the stickered up version on display at SEMA 09. It looked pretty good. Somthing that I’d want in my garage. If thay can pull this off it’ll be something big. Someday I’m hoping for an East VS West drift GT-R showdown. BLITZ v Hankook
    BLITZ FTW since they figured it out first; even with all of the Japanese GT-R’s electronic limitations.

  8. Cam says:

    Very good post wrecked!

    And I agree, I doubt we will see this car in 2010 at all! By then the car will be out of production lmao!

    “I’m sure he will do like he has done in the past… blame the driver.”


  9. Mike Peters says:

    they’re putting a LS1 in it, they have a ton of money, and real shop/manpower resources.

    this should absolutely not be a problem.

    now if they had all the electronic doo-dads that come on a gtr, that’d be a problem.

    but this is ‘merica, and ‘merica works.

    God bless ‘merica.

  10. Chubby Chaser says:

    @Ed: +1! You hit the nail right on the head. This is yet another worthless post Wrecked is trying to pass off as “news”.

  11. Mike Peters says:

    yall complain a lot, sometimes there are pointless articles here, start your own blog and one up wrecked then.

    honestly seems like not a lot is going on right now, people building cars nowadays realize nobody really cares except the 20 people that post on this blog and drifting.com and (insert website here) so they don’t really update the e-world with their builds, or their too busy building crap.

    there is absolutely no reason this car shouldn’t be done for long beach. all i have is a 1000 sq foot shop with a pretty decent setup, and i could even finish this car in 60 days if it was my job. theres no reason a factory backed hankook tire team shouldn’t be able to pull this off, unless they are complete retards, and no offense intended by that, unless the deadline isn’t met.

    installing an ls1 in something with a standalone harness in 2010 is very well documented, has been done a million times now, and is not rocket science.

    theres no computer crap anymore, install ls1, mount to car, install a driveshaft to the diff with all the sensors unplugged, push starter button you’ve installed on your new chassis harness, and you’re ready for long beach for the most part. i doubt this will be some overcomplicated tube frame build, with 60 days this is no feat, even if it was only 30 days it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  12. Cam says:

    Where is this LS1 news coming from?

  13. Mike Peters says:

    it’s coming from 2009. its on the internet…somewhere/everywhere.

  14. i like ls1’s, in fact i wish i could put one in my s13, but to whore out a new gtr with one is kinda shameful to me. Whats the point. you have a gtr body but a less powerful than stock motor in it. as i stated earlier it prolly for ease and accessibility of parts, but it still disappoints me if this is even true!

    Wrecked, u guys are doing a good ob regardless what people say on here. This is one of my fav’s because of the vids u guys post. keep up the good work! Hey ed, i’m sure u can get nos, drift alliance, nopi, D1, and underground guys to give u video right? I mean since wrecked is a bunch of tards it should be easy, so post em up somewhere!!

  15. Mike Peters says:

    the point is less wieght, and simplicity. no turbos, no funky stuff. and i’m sure its cheaper, i doubt they’d buy a new perfect gtr for this, i’m sure they’re popping up salvage by now.

  16. rotarydriftdreams says:

    there’s no way this car will be done by lbc i mean do u really wanna put a rush on a project to create a buzz just not smart in my opinion and what is with the ls1 bullshit is that everybodys solution to a problem now sorry just a firm believer of work with what u got but coming from peters it dosent suprise me he would drop one in a shoppin cart if it was possible

  17. Mickey says:

    Last I heard, they were running a BC stroked VQ mated to a G-Force 4 speed dog trans.

    I’m pretty sure Eddie and the boys will be able to get this ready for LBGP.

  18. Cam says:

    Mike Peters…

    I’m talking about this car having a LS1 not the motor in general.

  19. hamster says:

    Drift cars can be built within a week… Think Falken.

    Or two weeks.. think Enjuku Racings 350z for SEMA three years ago.. sure they never ran the car but the week before LB it will pulled outta a show room, a few things switched up and it did run.

    It can happen… as far as the SEMA car.. who really thought that was the car they would use? Come on now..

    With that being said I wish Hankook the best of luck this season and for having the balls to try it vs talk shit about it on the internet.

  20. Mike Peters says:

    Mickey, I hope you’re right. I like LS1s and was kinda excited by the sites including this one reporting it’d have an ls1, but having the most expensive chassis out there with the easy way out motor for the North American continent was kinda…gay.

    What I don’t understand, why is everyone running doxboxes!?!?


  21. Mickey says:

    My bad Mike. It’s a VR motor in the R35, not VQ.

    Here is a link from December about the engine.


  22. Mickey says:

    I guess I am just assuming that is what they will use since they have gone through the trouble to do all the development. I REALLY hope they do to. It will sound amazing!

  23. AN NA6 says:

    CAM- I will put $3k in escrow if you are willing to do the same if you stand behind your comment of it not showing up. Put your money where you mount is otherwise your just talking out of your ass.

  24. GTRluvr says:

    Just wanted to say a couple things..

    First, I visit Wrecked because they have lots of drifting news. I think thats great. However, I find it a little odd that the editor would be basically talking shit about a Formula Drift competitor. I thought a magazine/news source should be more impartial. An opinion is one thing.. but this is straight shit talking IMO.

    Second, seriously, who gives a shit if the car they brought to SEMA was not the same car they will be racing? I mean, seriously. Who gives a shit? Thats like saying the hot chick in high school is now a fraud because she got a boob job. No one gives a shit.

    And lastly, whats with all the shit talking about a car that’s being worked on? Sure, FD LBC is around the corner, but its not here yet.. shit talking after the event, I’d expect that. I’ll even contribute. But WTF, they’re working on it, give ’em a break.

  25. Brian from Speedline says:

    I put my chips behind AN NA6.

    It’s so funny how many fools there are out there that know nothing, yet hope for the worst for others. If anyone can pull this off, it’s the crew at Dynamic. Opinions are like @ssholes. Everyone has them, but that doesn’t mean you should go crapping on everyone.

    As someone who has known Eddie for over 20 yrs, I have no doubt that he will not only pull this off, but do it in a way that works for everyone. I’ve seen him pull off far greater feats. And if you knew anything about Eddie, you would know that he doesn’t take shortcuts on anything. From the day he opened shop, he did everything balls-out. How many hondas do you know of that were making 700+whp in ’94?

    Mad props to Eddie and crew at Dynamic. I can’t wait for you to shut these fools up.

  26. Brian from Speedline says:

    One more thing. Slider23, when has Eddie EVER blamed a driver for a car not running well? And it’s “from what here?”, so you don’t even know him?

    It’s dumbf*cks like you that I’m talking about. Find me one driver that he’s blamed. But then again, since you don’t know him, you should just shutup and watch.

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  28. ernie says:

    i think you all should just back up from the matter .. if it wasnt for people like ed, and all the people pushing builds like this .. you wouldn’t have a cool hobby, if he gets it done he gets it done and that would be ill .. sam never got that car up and running but its still good for drifting in different ways ..

    ed is a good dude he will get the job done one way or the other .. he always come thought in some way ..

    we need things like this to keep this sport growing .. we need people like us that keep it real to keep it alive ..

    just my 2 cents