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Jeff Jones Driving Mazda Rx-7 for 2010 Formula Drift

Jeff Jones - Mazda Rx-7

As the story breaks today at it appears the 2009 rookie Jeff Jones will be upgrading to a FD Mazda Rx-7. For his rookie season he campaigned a S13 Nissan 240sx with CX Racing and Cooper Tires that you can see below.

Jeff Jones

He is now partnered with Rotary Works along with CX Racing to run this new FD Rx-7 progress.The car will feature a 20b turbocharged engine and should be an interesting change from his S13. He started with the rotary and is headed back to his roots of drifting. It looks like if we cannot call 2010 the year of the V8 engine it will be the year of the rotary motor.


Sam Hubinette Drives the 2011 Volvo S60 Into Our Home [VIDEO]

2011 Volvo S60 Sedan Promo with Sam Hubinette

Not sure how I feel about the 2011 Volvo S60 but it sure seems to fit Sam Hubinette. Check him out in this official Volvo release which takes him all over Southern California it appears. The engines will range from two diesel engines and one gas engine. There is a 3.0L turbo 6 cylinder gas engine rated at 304hp which isn’t anything to ignore.

Watch the video:

Joey Redmond Talks Drifting on Tech House & Speed Radio Show

Last night our editor Joey Redmond got a chance to hop on Race Fan Radio’s show Tech House & Speed to talk some drifting with host Bill Wood. The main topic of the show revolves around the launch of Fantasy Drift this week but they also dish some great off season talk. They take a deep look into the Sam Hubinette / ACP sponsorship acquisition and how it will play out in 2010. The signs that Justin Pawlak will be on a road to maturity in his driving with his new Team Falken support and his new 2010 Ford Mustang. Lastly they talk about the concerns of Tanner Foust’s performance with his potentially overloaded schedule. The radio show this week also featured 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg, David Empringham (two time Atlantic Formula Atlantic Champion) and Nic Jonsson. Not bad company on the radio show by any means. If you follow the link the drifting segment with Joey Redmond is first on the show.

Listen to Tech House & Speed:

Joon Maeng’s Mazda Rx-8 Makes 604hp

Mazda Rx-8

Mazda Rx-8

Joon Maeng hit twitter to report while on the dyno tonight the Full Tilt Poker Mazda Rx-8 put down 604hp and 486 torque. Not some bad numbers for the screaming rotary engine running a sequential transmission.

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Ryan Tuerck Destroying Nature in his S13 [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck In His S13 Over the Off Season

Somewhere most likely in the middle of no where New Hampshire we find Ryan Tuerck in his S13 Nissan 240sx destroying the earth. A great few minute flick produced by DA Films features Ryan keeping in shape for the off season and having way to much fun. I just love the sound of this S13 above any other one I have ever heard. Check it out for yourself .

Watch the video:

ACP is our New Resident Blogger at Wrecked Magazine

We recently annocuned “Andrew Comrie Picard to Drift Dodge Viper for 2010 Formula Drift” and once that broke he approached us about having a blog at Wrecked Magazine. We cannot wait to see someone new in the Dodge Viper and he informed us some testing photos will be dropping soon. Oh and he is also the 2009 North American Rally Champion not that any of us on this website care about all that nonsense.

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U-God from Wu Tang Clan at East Coast Bash for a Ride-along

Wu Tang Clan

One of our resident blogging machines Matt Petty just posted up a video of U-God from Wu Tang Clan getting a drifting ride-along from Vaughn Gittin. Vaughn was taking people for rides in his personal 2010 Ford Mustang GT over the weekend and U-God grabbed one of them. Jarod DeAnda is also featured in the video before he goes for his first drifting run. A hilarious three minute video you don’t want to miss!

Watch the video on Matt Petty’s Blog:

2010 Drift Mania Schedule (East and West)

Drift Mania

The Canadian series has listed it’s new 2010 schedules for both the east and west series. Here is how the new schedules stack up:

DMCC East 2010 Schedule
Round 1: Autodrome St. Eustache, Montreal (May 29th-May 30th)
Round 2: Auodrome Montmagny, Montmagny (June 19th-June 20th)
Round 3: Toronto – (TBA)
Round 4: Circuit Icar, Mirabel (July 17th-18th)
Round 5: Autodrome Montmagny, Montmangy (August 14th-15th)
Round 6: Autodrome St.-Eustache, Montreal (September 5th-6th)

DMCC West 2010 Schedule
Round 1: Race City, Calgary (May 15th-May 16th)
Round 2: Stratotech, Fort Sask (June 26th-June 27th)
Round 3: Castrol Raceway, Edmonton (July 17th-18th)
Round 4: Western Speedway, Victoria (August TBA)
Round 5: Castrol Raceway, Edmonton (September 18th-19th)

SouthEast Drift Formula D Pro Am Announces Schedule

Southeast Pro Am

Here  is a Pro Am schedule for the southeast that looks like it has events mainly based in the Atlanta area and at Nashville Super Speedway. For drivers to be eligible to compete in the SED Pro Am finals and receive any prizes they must participate in no less then 3 rounds.

Schedule of Events
Round 1 May 7-8th: Road Atlanta – Braselton, GA
Round 2 June 26th: Gresham Motorsports Park – Jefferson, GA
Round 3 July 31st: Nashville Super Speedway – Lebanon, TN
Round 4 September 11th: Gresham Motorsports Park – Jefferson, GA
Round 5 October 16th: Nashville Super Speedway – Lebanon, TN
Round 6 November 6th: Gresham Motorsports Park – Jefferson, GA

The judges are as follows:
Eugene Chou
Jonathan Martin “Marty”
Tony Schulz

Gruppe S Makes Up Things We Said – I Feel the Need to Clear The Air

When this hit me on Ubertwitter a few hours ago it came as a quite a shock because I didn’t recall saying any of these things accused in the mentioned about tweets. I screen capped the comments above in case they were deleted by the user once the post went up. Normally I get my death threats, hate mail, lawsuits, cease and assist orders and ending of friendships in e-mail’s which are private and I keep those private in return. Since twitter is a public forum I decided to return in kind, publicly on the Internet. Since I was outed for not being professional and starting controversy I wanted to clear the air and break down this post we made.

Here is a link to the thread they are clearly upset about “We Are Left Scratching Our Heads on the Hankook Nissan GT-R.” The first comment which is on the bottom says “R35 will be ready for Formula D, dont start controversy, lets keep it professional.”

After reading my post 20 times and cannot find anywhere that I said they wouldn’t make it to Formula Drift. The quote I made in fact was “This make me nervous for Robbie Nishida and his performance in the 2010 season.” So for Robbie to be driving in 2010 wouldn’t his car need to be done? I have no doubts that Gruppe S will have the car done. You guys have been involved with teams for years dating back to Falken Tires and no one at Wrecked Magazine doubts your abilities. As for starting controversy I just merely re posted what you guys listed about the GT-R with some opinions attached.

As for the other post I am glad you guys have the car going and you run an amazing program. In fact, my Project 350z is running Seibon Carbon, Brian Crower Cams, and KW Suspension so I have no doubts in the GT-R. I’m aware the cage is done because I constantly am checking your guys blog but I didn’t think it was quite big enough news to run on the site. If you would like to keep our readers frequently updated you are welcome to a drivers lounge blog. I have a pretty open door policy on the website and have never told a pro/Am driver no to having one.

Now as for your engines being proven, I don’t say one thing about your engines in the whole post or imply you don’t know what your doing with them. My concern for Robbie Nishida is that seat time makes a championship performance and I don’t see him getting as much of it with the car not complete as this point. Look at last years champion when talking about seat time being proven and look at Tanner Foust (two time champion) failing to qualify at Wall Speedway.

Regardess, I hope that your tweet diatribes are done and I would love an apology. You can always just post it in our comments or tweet me back! Sorry for the long winded post but this one was kind of hard to @reply back them on twitter.

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