Bergenholtz Racing Partners Up with Joon Maeng [MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS]

Posted on Jan 28, 2010 In Formula D Joon Maeng Justin Pawlak

The Bergenholtz held a press conference today to announce a new driver for 2010.  Joon Maeng will be driving under the Mazda and Nitto Tire banner for 2010. This announcement comes with great excitement at the press conference today. Do you think this new program will finish better than 9th place in 2010?


  1. cfrost says:


    congrats joon

  2. om1kron says:


  3. haterdan says:

    I swoon for joon!

  4. benjyboyo says:

    cant wait to see joon and jtp go head to head this seasonn

  5. Brian Casse says:

    Congrats to Joon! I just wonder why they dropped JTP when he had more points last season. Either way it will be cool to see Joon pilot this car and see JTP back in the green FC.

  6. p.haire says:

    i also swoon for joon.

  7. Eason says:

    He’s been deserving that for a long time

  8. smithy says:

    Im a fan of Joon and i know he deserves a ride more then most but is he the right driver for this package?
    I still think JTP was made for this car
    Joon struggled when he switched to a team with hankook ,

  9. deadpirate says:

    smithy. the problem when joon was with hankook was the car not being set up for his driving. he will do fine in this car.

  10. Ed says:

    did anyone notice the URL for this post when you click on it? hmmm….

  11. FD Fan says:


  12. lex king says:

    well, i think this is kinda awkward. its funny how his bro justin was kept in the dark till a few days ago, yet they were just in panama together etc.

    im on the fence about this one.

  13. Cam says:

    JTP was still with Bergenholtz when he went to panama… I think all this was a last minute change of heart on both sides.

  14. anon says:

    i hope joon proves all these fuckers wrong and wins the championship.

  15. lex king says:

    i hope he does well too…. but, whats the cost of winning tho?

  16. Cam says:

    LOL @ anon

    no ones doubting joon here

    Both joon and jtp and real nice guys and drive like they dgaf. And the bergenholtz are the west coast grandfathers of this spocom shiet.

  17. I knew it. Congrats and best of luck to Joon and the entire Bergenholtz team. Plus more graphics for the RX-8, make it stand out even more.

  18. am says:

    you got to fuckin kidding me . joon takes justin’s sponsor . your own friend under cuts you for a sponsored ride. come on like if that was his bro he wouldn’t have went behind his back to take his sponsor during negotiations .

  19. ron bergenholtz says:

    We developed the rx-8 with pawlak true. we need to develop something to put our name out there . We got the funds for the program the rx-8 didnt need to be changed and we dont want to spend any extra money changing it . justin developed the car for us every step of the way . and now we are choosing to do more marketing than drifting . we just want our name out there

  20. lex king says:

    so thats how you treat someone who helps develope the chassis with you, and thats the way you reward loyalty? i honestly can’t believe thats how you would treat a guy that made massive sacrafice during this program. fuckin drove his own car while your chassis was still in “developmental phase” just so he could keep team points up for the season, because he knew the “team” just didnt care…. put your name out there…. what about the love of the sport, the actual promotion of a proper drift program? honestly, its not bad news about the split… because in reality, a driver that has genuine interest in the sport doesnt need to be part of a big top circus thats just driven on money, and income.

    i hope your new driver can survive off of the penuts you feed him.

  21. Mike Peters says:

    lex king


    its 10 weekends of drifting probably, i’m pretty sure people who are just driving will survive just fine. this isn’t real motorsport where people eat/sleep/live on the interstates of america and in hotel rooms.

    heck FD as just a driver sounds like a 1-2 time a month vacation.

  22. lex king says:


    not meaning that this is his sole income. we all know joon works hard as hell in the off time to fund his situations. but lets just put it out there… they werent paying pawlak a kings randsom to begin with, and after looking at a few other statements from online magazines etc. about this subject, looks like BR focus is all about media this year, not towards a solid run at the championship. look what media attention got rhy’s last season… he was all about media last year. hyundai commercials for superbowl slots, working with turn 10 for forza3, time attacks, sema demo cars and the whole lott. too many other things to focus on that secured him a solid 19th in the championship…..

    but at the fd press conference it was said they had more news to release in the next few weeks… so who knows what it’ll be.

  23. am says:

    Think about it bergenholtz got a 19th place driver to pilot there rx-8. they got rid of a top ten driver for what other than publicity . SORRY JOON MAENG BUT THAT WAS A SHIT MOVE ON YOUR PART. And think they obivously dont want to be competitive by going with joon . i think they just wanted someone they knew would drift for damn near free while bergenholtz collects all the money for the drift program PAWLAK HELPED TO START.



    The whole story is whack! basically Ron just said it was done for publicity and marketing reasons. They arent out to win a championship, they just wanna be popular…Thats exactly whats wrong w/ drifting!
    and exactly why everyone laughs when you bring up drifting in a motrosports conversation!
    I hope I read into that the wrong way, cuz that shit aint right!
    Enjoy finishing 20th place, although I hope Joon kicks ass in the car anyway! Sorry Joon, you should have just stayed in your S13…Cant wait to see how this shakes up the DA…

  25. Matt says:

    Wrecked, We need a statement from Joon and JTP stat. Video please paparazzi style. Joey go knock on their door and do a suprise interview.

  26. bergenholtz says:

    FYI The individual posting as Ron Bergenholtz is not me. I was asleep at 4.32 AM. An investigation is already happening to find out exactly where than email came from. Little does anyone know that the exact location and computer that that post came from can be found out. Someone obviously want to start trouble.

  27. anon says:

    id suspect that there will be more to this story. everyone need not jump to conclusions

  28. om1kron says:

    why is everyone on JTP’s nuts? omg let the guts nutsack carry his own balls, your mouths are not needed. JTP is a GREAT driver I’ve seen him drive in person. Dude is fucking nuts, but he is at home in his GREEN RX7… IMO.

    When it comes to sponsors, the driver never gets to choose who they’re driving for, the sponsors choose who is driving for them, doesn’t matter if he designed the car or helped them build it.

    JTP most likely got paid for that work, if not then my bad for assuming. But he didn’t help build a car for free i’m sure.

    In the end who gives a shit as long as we still get a good show in the end. JTP isn’t crying or being bitter about it, so why are you guys?

    You’re not writing the sponsorship checks.

  29. lex king says:

    i’m honestly glad ron or whoever from the bergeholtz camp came on to clear that previous post up, because if that was true that would have been epicly terrible.


    B’Holtz glad you cleared that up, cuz I was shocked to say the least! You guys are awesome, I couldnt believe that statement! Sorry for my reaction…

  31. Ed says:

    om1kron – what if he didn’t get paid? what if he built the car out of the promise for future payment? what if all the testing, setup, and suspension information he gave to the team was used and he got the boot without fair compensation?

    Many drivers are asked to make a sacrifice now with the promise of big pay later…. if that was the case, it looks like JTP got the boot before he got the big payoff he may or may not have been promised. And chances are that Joon is cheaper as a driver than JTP because Joon has 0 career podiums, event wins, or top 3 qualifier positions.

  32. am says:

    to ED

    your are so right . i bet they didnt pay him what for how much he was putting in I mean your so called new team leaves you high and dry the first three events and tell you well you just gotta drive your own car and come out of pocket . i bet thats what happened

  33. deadpirate says:

    man, why all the hate against joon? i dont see how people can be so angry over a driver who drives his ass off, sleeps maybe 2 hours a night and works 4 jobs, getting a ride to help further his racing career. why the anger? joon is a good guy and totally deserves this. yes, its sucks for JTP. but he isnt mad about it from what i read on his blog. it just seems that both sides couldnt reach an agreement.

  34. Cam says:

    “all this hate” = 1 commenter

  35. John says:

    To AM especially.
    You need to get over the fact some driver you dont like is driving the car. grow up dude. Its not like the car was jtp’s girlfriend and joon stole it from him. Bergenholtz told jtp that there going to drop him. and of course he had to bite tooth and nail but he was a man and took it. So what they wanted a different driver. who cars thats racing. Joon is a super good guy. He deserves this. He has worked hard just to drift his whole season. Every penny out of his own pocket. JTP is an amazing driver i remember seeing him in his green fd back in nopi. He was killing it. i’ve always like him. But he’s not showing his butt like everyone else is. Thats apart of racing and a big part of life.

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  37. Chubby Chaser says:

    Drifting is serious business.

  38. Chubby Chaser says:

    Joon stops driving that ugly ass S13.5 and we get JTP’s “Money Green” FC back. It’s win freakin’ win, baby!

  39. am says:

    when its comes time for test and tune . we will see how its goin to pan out hopefully its good to each his own

  40. Chubby Chaser says:

    I hope JTP and Joon tandem next season. That would be interesting to watch.

  41. ANTIDA1 says:

    Why are all you guy’s complaning so much, i didn’t hear JTP saying anything. Joon is a great guy and excellent driver,his only downfall is he’s part of DA. I hope he kicks ass this season and then everyone will be all over his dick. Stop being little bitches!

  42. Cam says:

    “I hope JTP and Joon tandem next season. That would be interesting to watch.”

    JTP rape party 2010 on his buddy, no homo

  43. Chubby Chaser says:

    ^Pretty much. Haha!

  44. John says:

    They already did tandem. Joon beat JTP in his green fd in his s13.5 this year at rd atlanta to claim fourth place.

  45. steve says:

    yeah I was there at Atlanta Joon only one because JTP stalled/spun in the horse shoe. If JTP didnt mess up he would have killed Joon.