Fatlace Takes Over the Car Shows at Formula Drift for 2010

Posted on Jan 27, 2010 In Formula D Lifestyle

Today it was announced that Fatlace is taking over the official car show  duties for Formula Drift 2010. It looks like the Jtuned Auto is officially no more. The show series is called One of One and will come to all seven events in 2010. The PR claims they will have categories covering all classes while also including Ruckus at some venues. Details will available soon for registration and other things of that nature. I have never really paid attention to the show cars sitting around at Formula D but I think it’s safe to say they cannot do worse than the previous years of car shows held at Formula D events. I think bringing in Fatlace for this is the right move.

Source: http://fatlace.com/exclusive/oneone-showcase-by-fatlace-meets-formula-d.html


  1. Brian Casse says:

    Thank god! Maybe Fatlace can revamp the car show scene, while their at it and flood shows with flush cars.

  2. om1kron says:

    awesome, jtuned was run by a bunch of fuck up’s anyway.

  3. Cam says:

    I guess no one is noticing HIN has gone under.

    FD please buy the rights to the company….

  4. Frank@RDM says:

    STOKED to see this!! Fatlace embodies a cultural movement! They will bring so much more than just cars to Formula Drift.

  5. anon says:

    o lord. now we get to see a whole bunch of cars with retarded camber. oh joy.

  6. dickins says:

    Fucking hipsters


    WORD UP…i feel if somebody is gonna do it right, or at least attempt to…
    Fatlace is a great place to start!

  8. I’d rather see HIN running the deal. Same bullshit with less ego and camber.

  9. Cam says:

    Too bad because there is NO MORE H.I.N.!!!

    The situation does leave alot of opportunity for a company who wants to get into the business… let just hope its a good one.

  10. KBanks says:

    I’ve hated on the car show scene for some years now but even I think this is the right move for them. You have to stay on top of the wave and the stupid camber/flushness movement has hit it’s peak yet. Anyone know what’s coming after the flushness? I wonder if were going to go full cycle back to the retarded body kits and fish tanks and shit.

  11. Chubby Chaser says:

    FATLACE x Hellaflush FTW!!!

  12. Jonie Smith says:

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