Justin Pawlak and Bergenholtz Racing Split Ways After Top 10 Finish in 2009

Posted on Jan 20, 2010 In Formula D Justin Pawlak Major Announcements

According to Justin Pawlak’s blog it appears he will not be running with Bergenholtz Racing in 2010. Justin Pawlak teamed with the Bergenholtz finished 9th overall in a pretty impressive fashion. He will be bringing back the old school Mazda Rx-7 pictured above for the 2010 season. Justin Pawlak mentioned on his blog he is looking for sponsors in 2010 which gives anyone still looking to support a team huge opportunities this season with a top 10 driver.

Source: http://blog.jtpdrift.com/


  1. Chubby Chaser says:

    WHAT?! Didn’t he miss a few events last year because the RX-8 wasn’t finished and still came in 9th overall? Top Qualifier at Irwindale ain’t nothin’ to scoff at either. I wonder why they let him go.

  2. Umai Kakudo says:

    Hopefully the JTP Special upgraded FC will have as much or more awesomesause than the ’09 Bergenholtz 8 had.

    Long live JTP.

  3. lex king says:

    style just came back to FD. i hate to see the rx8 in other hands, but definitely glad to see Justin in the fc again.

  4. GaryG says:

    The question should be who is driving the Bergenholtz RX8 them guys did alot for JTP. I think alot of people over look that. Bergenholtz have been racing longer then most of you been on this rock.

    By the way I know the perfect guy for the Bergenholtz bro’s if they need someone. Get at me Ron!

  5. Brian W. says:

    This is sad to hear. I hope everything works out for both sides though! JTP is a great driver and friend and that RX8 was a very well built car!

  6. JTP says:

    GaryG, there were sacrifices from both sides last season and we did our best to run an extravagant professional drift car in a tough economic time. I wish the Bergenholtz team nothing but the best for whomever they choose to put in the drivers seat.

    I’m very much looking forward to getting back in my FC. After running the car this past weekend in Panama I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it. Although I do not expect it to be an easy season, I do look forward to putting the Rx7 back into competition!!

  7. biggs says:

    for some reason I keep thinking bergenholtz picked up someone higher on the food chain. Someone like say hubinette who just has a better history in the sport, and it sort of makes sense with mopar quitting, I just have no idea where nuformz would go with a deal like that, unless they want out of drifting.

  8. Sileighty91 says:

    so then whats the real story?
    damn drifters think they worth alot of dough, what happened to the love for the sport?

  9. lex king says:


    i honestly dont think that justin’s mind works that way. you see him at grassroots events driving with everyone, even getting a few dents and still just smilin and driving. i honestly just think dude loves what he does. did you not realize that he is still a privateer? i know for a fact he is out there helping new guys you never heard of to break into the sport of drifting.

  10. B rad says:

    JTP is an awesome dude he doesnt do this sport for the money and if it wasnt for him myself and many other guys wouldnt have been legit at Pro am. He spent many hours late into the night helping all of us out and if he was in drifting for the money he wouldnt be going back out there with his personal car.

  11. Cam says:

    Bergenholtz will sign mad mike along with all of his sponsors and potential ones….

    Its a sad day for drifting when teams resort to this, best of luck to everyone involved.

  12. sean says:

    This is sad news. JTP was by far my favorite driver in fd. All things considered that rx8 was rediculous. Two red bull cars next year in FD, and when is Jr gonna make an announcment on his monster deal? FD is going to be good next year. Best of luck to Justin in 2010.

  13. Sileighty91 says:

    well I appreciate the feeback. I have met JTP a few times and think hes a straight up dude. However i have also had the privalege of knowing the B’Holtz’s and I know they just wanna go out and win.
    Mad Mike is not that guy, he aint gonna be winning against the big dogs in Form D.
    so whats the deal with this?
    sorry but I personally think Mad Mike is whack! and I dont think those guys would sign him up, and if they do…then damn…they taking steps in the wrong direction! I find this news hard to believe but I guess we’LL see.

  14. dickins says:

    Well that sucks for mad mike and jtp. Unfortunately for mike the only thing that was appealing to most people was his car, he’s a pretty mediocre driver and will not do very well in fd. With jtp bergenholtz had a good chance of doing well and obviously did last season, but with mad mike they’ll have an overhyped guy who doesn’t have the car that brought him the hype, Just one of those ugly standard FD cars with terrible aero and spoilers.

  15. Ryan Clemens says:

    Mad Mike is fucking whack!

    I hope to god he isn’t taking JTP’s seat in the RX8

  16. j russakoff says:

    Justin has made more sacrifices than any other top driver in fd. Bergenholtz promised a car for the o9 season and didn’t even deliver until halfway through. Justin paid out of pocket to run the beginning of the season just to possibly gain some points so save face for potential sponsors for 2010. He was also skimped on his promised pay significantly throughout the season. That team is focused primarily on media exposure and money, no love for drifting at all. I’m sure justin will do very well this year regardless of the car he’s driving, hell he even drives my car better than I do! This is a great opportunity for a small time sponsor to foot the bill for travel expenses and get a ton of exposure from it.


  17. Cam says:

    John, will you be at long beach?

    You, Joon, and JTP should setup in the same area.

  18. Mike Peters says:

    jr monster deal?

    i sooo called that a long time ago, more detailz

  19. Its all good the FC will scream SPARTAAAAAAAA at every event

  20. […] was piloted by JTP to a 9th place finish in the 2009 season of FD. ¬†Unfortunately, it looks like they have parted ways. ¬†Sucks, but I hope JTP lands on his feet and the Bergenholtz Brothers find another great driver. […]

  21. Very interesting, just stumbled onto the story.

  22. thatoneguy says:

    mike peters. jr ISNT going to be on monster

  23. […] the 2009 Mazda Rx-8 along with it’s former driver Justin Pawlak. The announcement came about 48 hours ago that Justin Pawlak was removed from the team and the Bergenholtz guys have announced that next week they will be unveiling a new […]

  24. Jundt says:

    Hay!! Justin Pawlak you should see If you can get on
    MEGAN RACING team, with Taka Aono.

  25. Mike Peters says:


    murdered out rtr mustang with monster logo woulda been kewl-io.

  26. anon says:

    its a shame that JTP isnt on the bholtz team anymore. mad max is good, but JTP is WAY more competitive on FD. this is bullshit. JTP is the fuckin man.

  27. chris says:

    who’s mad max???