Ryuji Miki to Field Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC430 in 2010 [RUMORMILL]

Posted on Dec 28, 2009 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip

Lexus SC430 - 2010 Formula Drift - Lexus SC430

Well after we announced last week that Forrest Wang will be piloting a Lexus SC430 for Formula Drift 2010 many readers came forward sending us notes that APEXi has one in their possession¬† for Ryuji Miki. In fact, they happen to have a Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC430 and quite truthfully I have no idea what the difference is from a stock one. Lexus….in case your listening can you please stop sending golf course parking jockeys to our series and give somebody a Lexus IS-F or maybe just shoot for a LF-A. If news like this keeps coming out in the off season it is going to be a mighty interesting 2010 in Formula Drift, that is for sure.


  1. Cam says:

    Maybe these builders know something about the SC that we don’t.

    Sucks not being a rotary but apexi builds some pretty nice cars. And for marketing its great, apexi’s OG customers are getting older and might be in the market for more mature type sports cars. Maturing with the potential market!

  2. If APEXi really is going to fiend this car then why a special edition? Especially if it’s just going to be stripped and rebuilt for a specific need.

  3. Cam says:

    Mabey either

    A:they got it for free
    B:lexus is paying them to market this SE


  4. Mike Peters says:

    FWIW these things go for absolutely nothing at auctions with salvage/non-repair titles, and they’re pretty cool, and they’re pretty marketable.

  5. Eason says:

    I want to buy the RX7