Night Drifting from Warsaw, Poland [VIDEO]

Posted on Dec 26, 2009 In International Video

Night Drifting in Warsaw Poland

It’s always nice to get a fresh look at drifting from overseas and this video from Poland is just that. For starters, the BMW E30 in the thumbnail is powered by a 2JZ (Toyota Supra) engine. The video also features some other unique drifting machines. Along with all that this video has an amazing video picture quality that really brings you into the action.

Watch the video:


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  2. Justin B says:

    Any more information on what that event was? Looks like it was more than just drifting.

  3. Giter says:

    Czesc.Chce pogratulowac dobrze napisanego kawalka.Duzo mozna odszukac w necie na taki temat ale tym postem autor wszystko przedstawia jak trzeba.Czesc!

  4. Giter says:

    Dzien dobry.Chce pogratulowac niezle napisanego posta.Calkiem sporo mozna znalezc w sieci na taki temat ale tutaj autor wszystko objasnia jak nalezy.Czesc!