A Great Daily Driver Option – Scion XB RS 6.0 [ROAD TRIP]

Posted on Dec 25, 2009 In Road Trips Scion

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

We just got done taking out the Scion XB 6.0 Release Series out for a spin and it won me over for a daily driver option. While it’s not going to tow your S13 around to drifting events it’s a breeze to drive on a road trip or for any long distance. With a huge amount of interior space and a backseat you can actually put people in, I have to say the car makes sense. The XB 6.0 Release Series commands a  $18,443 price tag which is just $1,743 more than a base Scion xB.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The new Scion is more rounded than the previous body style. The 6.0 comes with a TRD lowering kit bringing the car down about 1 inch from the stock XB and optional 17 inch wheels which didn’t come on my model.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The Release Series grill deletes the Scion logo giving the front end a very clean look. The 2.4L engine seriously lacks some go with only 158hp but that’s why you have a race car for the weekends. It does 0-60mph in just under 9 seconds which might sounds ghastly but keep in mind that is almost four full seconds faster than the Nissan Cube. With one passenger you can load this car up to the max and we found that out by putting more faith in the storage space than we should of. We managed to pack a full Nissan 350z Origin body kit and brake system from Los Angeles into Orange County with all the doors shut. While the back was pretty tightly packed I was amazed at the storage capacity of the car.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The cluster is centered like all the other Scion’s which gives a great touch to the interior. The speedometer is digital which really provides easy viewing while on the road.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

Another great feature on the XB 6.0 Release Series is this Pioneer Navigation system. This unit felt slower than some other OEM navigation/audio systems I have used in the past but it got the job done without a doubt. This system is not available for purchase on any other Scion XB  model giving it a unique feature. You can easily access your iPod or any other way you wish to enjoy music.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

Another note is that only 2,500 Scion XB Release Series cars will be made and each one comes with a numbered plaque. This adds a great custom touch to your new daily driver waiting at the dealership.


  1. jacobchills says:

    wait a second…what is the rogue status xb going to be called?

  2. Geoff says:

    Does this post mean drifting is officially dead?

  3. anon says:

    yes geoff. drifting is dead. and its been dead for about 5 years now due to sackriding , more hype than skill, gotta be hellaflush or ur a fag, lets be counterculture and hate prodrifting, etc.