Robbie Nishida’s Nissan GT-R in Forza Motorsport 3

Posted on Dec 9, 2009 In Formula D Video Games Xbox

Robbie Nishida

Robbie Nishida

One of our favorite Forza 3 designers CobraTuner (with help from IKON Westies) put out this Nissan GT-R vinyl of Robbie Nishida’s 2010 Formula Drift car. It has some precision detail and the Holiday Pack just released brings you this new car for only 400 Microsoft points. Some of his sponsors like Seibon Carbon, Brian Crower, KW Suspension are all detailed perfectly on the car and we love it. Visit his storefront for a download of this great design and add another Formula Drift car to your garage.


  1. Casey (CobraTuner) says:

    Thanks for the coverage guys!

    GT: Cobratuner

  2. Cobra tuner,and IKON westies, congrats on making it big!!! I’ll have to buy this paint, to see what i can get out of it!!!

  3. Casey (CobraTuner) says:

    Me and IKON Westies joined up and pushed this car out ASAP. Much work was put into it. Make sure you search Robbie Nishida hankook GTR.

  4. Cam says:

    best bet this will be the most action the car will be seeing this year.

    prove me wrong lol

  5. cham says:

    I think that’s why they shoved the ls1 in there. Doesn’t take a whole lot to just drop it in and have it running. Now if they were sticking with the finicky nissan motor and computer they might have problems but how they are building it now it won’t be too different from building another 350z.

  6. Mike Peters says:

    wait, theres a LS1 in it?

    thats like the best bastardization ever, link to engine bay?

    i may have a new favorite car just on the principle.

  7. thatvideoguy says:

    Nice job as always Casey, you really knocked that one out quick. I was shocked. You, IKON, Dillard and I need to do some 4way tandem soon…all FD cars…

  8. Providenceangle says:

    Congratulations guys. Nice decals btw…

  9. Casey (CobraTuner) says:

    LA engine?? Build thread??

  10. mike crisp (SnF MC) says:

    good stuff cobra!

  11. DKapes (Dillards) says:

    Nice Casey, you must send it

  12. sushi_man says:

    LS1 motor, are you guys serious? a hundred bucks says it will be a NISSAN motor.

  13. Cam says:

    nissan motor gm tranny

    thats my bet

    if that thing is LS all the way around…. wow

  14. Casey (CobraTuner) says:

    Yeah come to think of it, it’s Nissan backed right? Wouldnt be a GM motor then.

  15. MR. T says:

    whoever thinks there is or will be an LS1 in that chassis is a F*CKING IDIOT

  16. Better be a Nissan engine in it. The question is the transmission. I’d like to see them use the double clutch one in FD.

  17. dickins says:

    You guys are getting trolled hard lol

  18. kidbandikoot says:

    put the orange wheels…..

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