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Formula Drift Invades Redbull New Year No Limits Tonight

Redbull - New Year: No Limits

Getting ready for the east coast New Year’s Travis Pastrana will be jumping from the Long Beach Pier, over the ocean, and landing on a barge. This goes live on ESPN at 11pm EST/8pm PST. After the jump at east coast midnight the real fun is going to begin for drifting fans. Formula Drift stars Alex Pfeiffer, Cody Parkhouse, Kyle Mohan, Justin Pawlak, and Taka Aono will be sliding around at 10:30pm PST at Pine Ave. & Shoreline Dr in downtown Long Beach. The event is free and open to the public! Below is a photo of the stage set for Travis Pastrana’s jump which will be going down in around 16 hours from now.

Redbull - New Year: No Limits

Wrecked Magazine Issue 13 – Am Edition

Wrecked Magazine Issue 13

Lucky Issue 13 has hit our virtual newsstand and it’s the 2009 Am Edition covering the 2009 Formula Drift Pro Am. All the newly licensed drivers have interviews introducing the new blood coming to Formula Drift for 2010. The new issue also visits Will Roegge for an inside look at his skills behind the camera since he has become one of the most well known drifting video directors to date. The Project Nissan 350z gets a serious horsepower upgrade with a new Vortech Supercharger and more.

Read the new Issue:

2010 D1 Grand Prix Schedule [JAPAN]

The 2010 D1 Grand Prix schedule for Japan has arrived with more of these double events they have started throwing. The four venues present eight rounds of drifting. They also have the expo in Tokyo in May.

Round 1: Ebisu Circuit (March 29th)
Round2: Autopolis (April 26th)
Expo: Tokyo Drift @ Odaiba (May 23rd/24th)
Round 3: Okayama Circuit (June 7th)
Round 4: Okayama Circuit (June 28th)
Round 5: Ebisu Circuit (August 29th)
Round 6: Ebisu Circuit (August 30th)
Round 7: Fuji Speedway (October 10th)
Round 8: Fuji Speedway (October 11th)

Twenty Photographs of 2009 [SNAPSHOT OVERLOAD]

Tyler McQuarrie

D1 Grand Prix

Battle Gear Lexus SC300

Drift Mania Pontiac GTO

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Chris Forsberg

D1 Grand Prix Miami

Nelis Air Force Base

Nissan Skyline

Lexus - All Star Bash - Summer 2009

Steve Angerman

Taka Aono


Formula Drift

Formula Drift Pits

Victor Moore

Daigo Saito

Chris Forsberg

Eric O'Sullivan

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Mad Mike Ripping It Up in His Redbull Mazda Rx-8 [VIDEO]

Mad Mike Testing the Mazda Rx-8 in Australia

Mad Mike took his thunder to D1GP this year in Japan and brought out a new Mazda Rx-8 to the down under drifting series. This video has him doing some shakedowns with the new Mazda that just screams as he drifts wide open throttle.

Watch the video:

Vegas Drift 015 – A Lifestyle by Robert Strohmeyer [VIDEO]

Vegas Drift 015 – A Lifestyle

A great video made by Robert Strohmeyer featuring the highlights of Vegas Drift 015 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A very cool grassroots piece featuring many of the Nevada grassroots drifting stars. Robert’s video features a great mix of editing and a unique new look into the drifting world with Vegas Drift.

Watch the video:—a-lifestyle

Ryuji Miki to Field Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC430 in 2010 [RUMORMILL]

Lexus SC430 - 2010 Formula Drift - Lexus SC430

Well after we announced last week that Forrest Wang will be piloting a Lexus SC430 for Formula Drift 2010 many readers came forward sending us notes that APEXi has one in their possession  for Ryuji Miki. In fact, they happen to have a Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC430 and quite truthfully I have no idea what the difference is from a stock one. Lexus….in case your listening can you please stop sending golf course parking jockeys to our series and give somebody a Lexus IS-F or maybe just shoot for a LF-A. If news like this keeps coming out in the off season it is going to be a mighty interesting 2010 in Formula Drift, that is for sure.

G1 Grand Prix at Ebisu Circuit [VIDEO]

Gaijin1 Grand Prix at Ebisu Circuit

This event dubbed the G1 Grand Prix took place over at Ebisu Circuit and featured a contest of non native drifters in Japan or Gaijin’s hence G1 Grand Prix. Some D1GP pros were around including Team Orange and Daigo Saito. The event even featured legendary European drifter Paul Vlasblom was involved at the event.

Watch the video:

Night Drifting from Warsaw, Poland [VIDEO]

Night Drifting in Warsaw Poland

It’s always nice to get a fresh look at drifting from overseas and this video from Poland is just that. For starters, the BMW E30 in the thumbnail is powered by a 2JZ (Toyota Supra) engine. The video also features some other unique drifting machines. Along with all that this video has an amazing video picture quality that really brings you into the action.

Watch the video:

A Great Daily Driver Option – Scion XB RS 6.0 [ROAD TRIP]

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

We just got done taking out the Scion XB 6.0 Release Series out for a spin and it won me over for a daily driver option. While it’s not going to tow your S13 around to drifting events it’s a breeze to drive on a road trip or for any long distance. With a huge amount of interior space and a backseat you can actually put people in, I have to say the car makes sense. The XB 6.0 Release Series commands a  $18,443 price tag which is just $1,743 more than a base Scion xB.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The new Scion is more rounded than the previous body style. The 6.0 comes with a TRD lowering kit bringing the car down about 1 inch from the stock XB and optional 17 inch wheels which didn’t come on my model.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The Release Series grill deletes the Scion logo giving the front end a very clean look. The 2.4L engine seriously lacks some go with only 158hp but that’s why you have a race car for the weekends. It does 0-60mph in just under 9 seconds which might sounds ghastly but keep in mind that is almost four full seconds faster than the Nissan Cube. With one passenger you can load this car up to the max and we found that out by putting more faith in the storage space than we should of. We managed to pack a full Nissan 350z Origin body kit and brake system from Los Angeles into Orange County with all the doors shut. While the back was pretty tightly packed I was amazed at the storage capacity of the car.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

The cluster is centered like all the other Scion’s which gives a great touch to the interior. The speedometer is digital which really provides easy viewing while on the road.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

Another great feature on the XB 6.0 Release Series is this Pioneer Navigation system. This unit felt slower than some other OEM navigation/audio systems I have used in the past but it got the job done without a doubt. This system is not available for purchase on any other Scion XB  model giving it a unique feature. You can easily access your iPod or any other way you wish to enjoy music.

Scion XB 6.0 Release Series

Another note is that only 2,500 Scion XB Release Series cars will be made and each one comes with a numbered plaque. This adds a great custom touch to your new daily driver waiting at the dealership.