Formula Drift 2010 Rulebook Has Arrived

Posted on Nov 12, 2009 In Formula D Misc

Formula Drift

The 2010 Formula Drift Rulebook has arrived in the hands of all competitors for the new upcoming season. Not really any big changes that I noticed after reading it today. I did find a whole piece on Collisions which I thought was a good quick read to understand how they will be handled from here on forward.


Vehicle contact in drifting is something that Formula DRIFT recognizes as part of the sport, however contact of vehicles while in head-to-head battle requires specific rulings and guidelines as follows.


The lead car must be required at all times to run the line given by the
judges and also maintain adequate speed through out the course. If the
lead car measures untypical speed, this may result in a score against that
driver. Untypical speed is defined as speeds of equivalent measurement
from qualifying speeds. Some slight variance (+5, -5) is in most cases

If the lead car loses drift, goes off line or reduces speed too drastically in
comparison to that particular driver’s qualifying speeds and the chase car
hits the lead car, the lead car will in most cases be deemed at fault for the
contact. It is each individual judge’s job to ascertain fault. There may be
circumstances where the lead car is not at fault for the contact, but this will
be left to each individual judge to ascertain fault.


The chase car is required at all times to follow and chase the lead car. The
driver of the chase car is encouraged to know the approximate speed of the
lead car through the entire course. If the chase car makes contact, in most
cases that driver will be deemed at fault for the contact unless otherwise
noted as per above. Contact known as “rubbing” is acceptable, however
the chase car cannot affect the lead car where loss of drift or loss of line


Once contact is made and damage occurs to either vehicle, the Judges
using majority rule will ascertain fault. If damage due to contact occurs,
both drivers have a right to have their spotter enact a “5 Minute Rule.” It is
expected that in most cases damaged vehicles can be repaired in this time

In some cases, damage sustained to the vehicles may require more time to
repair. At this point ONLY the vehicle not at fault may ask for additional
time. (NOTE: This does not preempt teams ability to call 5 Minutes for other
purposes). In the spirit of time and the show, the CHIEF STEWARD also
reserves the right to continue the competition with the outstanding head-
to-head matches of that particular round. The CHIEF STEWARD will re-
assess the vehicle between subsequent head-to-head match up’s or even
at the end of the round.

If a team cannot repair their vehicle and the team was also not at fault
during the incident, a Formula DRIFT official will verify that indeed the car
is not repairable in time for the next round and declare the driver the
winner of the match. The driver may move onto the next round or if the
damage is too extreme, may exit from the competition. competition.


  1. Confused says:

    What no “do over” rule included in there?!?

  2. Cam says:

    Looks pretty cool other then the plus or minus rule

    IE: Sam spinning behind Joon @ irwindale, even if joon slowed and corrected there was no need for sam to spin like that. There was enough space for him to correct before spinning….. Too many unknowns and too many variables too give a shady competitor to exploit

    wadup lol

  3. really? says:

    Don’t forget the new firewall / trans tunnel modification guidlines and this:

    A brake indicator light must be mounted on the highest reasonable
    point of the vehicle, viewable from 360 degrees. Competitors must use
    specified Light kits which are available from FORMULA DRIFT.

  4. A driver says:


    Your statement proves that you have never drifted a car, obviously never been in a tandem, and don’t have a clue about the competition of this sport.

  5. Cam says:

    @A driver

    Are you sure your a driver?

    Trust I have been in the same situation while drifting and know there are better ways to avoid a oppenent other then spinning like that…especialy in competion when no matter what a spin should be frowned upon. I seen lesser drivers in tighter situations make better decisions.

    You spin in a real race…what happens?

    I hope you are not a pro “driver”, hate to think some people who are getting paid to have fun have such low pride.

  6. rotarydriftdreams says:


    i agree with you i saw the footage yea joon slowed down but sam had plenty of time to adjust to the mistake that joon made in my opinion it sholdnt had been a one more time cause sam spun thats the purpose of the chase car to mimic the lead car while maintaining car was simple joon should had got deducted points for speed and sam should had got a zero for the spin

    now back to the rule book someone need to talk to UEO about his brake checkin i thought that was a big no no in the book cause he did it tureck in vegas and gushi in sonoma

  7. byron h. says:

    host the rule book! inquiring minds want to know.

  8. LS says:

    Agreed. Or is there anyway to get a copy of the rulebook?

  9. Cam says:

    FD does not like regular people to look at the rule book… it took me forever to get a copy of the 09.

  10. So, does this finally mean that people can’t get get away with brake checking anymore?

  11. You seem very knowledgable about this issue and it shows. Trust all your future posts turn out as well. Cheers!