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2009 Formula Drift Irwindale Main Event [GALLERY]

Rhys Millen

Ryan Tuerck

The House of Drift was on fire as the 2009 season came to an end. Our photographer Danny Lim captured some of the raw racing and activity around the grid from the weekend. Chris Forsberg clinched a championship after Top 32 and his Drift Alliance partner took home the victory for the night. The Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Pontiac was on fire all night but wound up just short of two championships. Don’t miss all the action.


Check out the gallery: Triple Crown [RESULTS] Triple Crown

The Triple Crown series is an exciting mini series in Formula Drift that counts the points from three rounds. The first round is Road Atlanta followed by Evergreen Speedway (Seattle) and Irwindale Speedway. This year the Triple Crown finished exactly as the championship did. Chris Forsberg (262 points) beat out Ryan Tuerck (256 points) which managed to be the same gap he won the championship by. Congrats to Chris Forsberg who took home this wheel trophy above and $10,000 for winning the Triple Crown.

1st- Chris Forsberg
2nd- Ryan Tuerck
3rd- Tyler McQuarrie

2009 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year: Eric O’Sullivan

The Irish drifting sensation Eric O’Sullivan will take home Rookie of the Year tonight at the Formula Drift banquet. He finished the season with 332.25 points ranking him in 18th place. His closest competition was Michael Essa who had 263.50 points down in 24th place. Michael Essa did not drive in Round 3 at Wall Speedway while Eric O’Sullivan performed in all 7 rounds noting a reason for the large gap in points. Congrats to Rockstar Energy Drink, Hankook Tires, Eric O’Sullivan, and team who put together a great package for the driver allowing him to finish with a Rookie of the Year spot.

2009 Formula Drift Irwindale – House That Drift Built [RESULTS]

Ryan Tuerck

In front of a sellout crowd we saw many cars put it all on the line and just as many cars leave body parts scattered all over Irwindale Speedway. This morning you could probably walk the track and make the mistake of thinking a demolition derby rolled into town the night before. However, several drivers raised to this occasion and here is how the top 4 finsihed: 

1st- Ryan Tuerck – Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice
2nd- Tyler McQuarrie – Falken Tires Nissan 350z
3rd- Tanner Foust – Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC
4th- Matt Powers – Stock Nissan 240sx

Chris Forsberg Is 2009 Formula Drift Champion

After beating Doug Van Den Brink in the top 32 Chris Forsberg statistically secured the Formula Drift championship for 2009. He is pictured here celebrating with his parents, wife, and brother after a long hard season. His two victories and seven top 16 appearances allowed him to remain on top of the points and clinch this championship. His 2009 victory marks the first championship won by a drifter. Previous champions have come from some other forms of racing while Chris Forsberg has only been a professional drifter in his career. 

His history at Irwindale Speedway is legendary from being the first person in series history to beat Sam Hubinette in tandem in 2004 to his huge fire during the finals in 2005. I know this will add to his collection of great memories from the House of Drift and everyone at Wrecked Magazine wants to congratulate him Chris Forsberg Racing, LS Auto, Maxxis Tires, and NOS Energy Drink for a successful season.

Foreign Invasion of Irwindale Speedway [RECAP]

The two men who made the huge trek out for Irwindale Speedway this year were Dean Karney (Pro Drift champion) and Fredric Aasbo. While Dean was plagued by car problems from when he came here to test all the way into qualifying the other European star cruised easily into the top 32. Fredric was able to qualify 24th and our eyes are going to be on him moving forward in today’s competition.

Sam Hubinette’s Competition Formula D Wrap – Shaun Carlson Tribute

Shaun Carlson Wrap

Shaun Carlson Wrap

We showed you Sam Hubinette’s New Demo Car Wrap yesterday and the new competition wrap was out in full force today. Sam Hubinette was able to qualify 9th and really turn up some thunder from a very rough season. The whole year has been seemingly against Sam Hubinette but he is still at the track and competing on a professional level.

Formula D Irwindale Qualifying/Pro Am [GALLERY]

Formula Drift swung into a great event with a fierce qualifying and great Pro Am. The gallery was shot by Danny Lim and captures the great drifting we saw and intense qualifying session that will lead us into a championship chase today. Over 400 photos highlights the great atmosphere at the hot Irwindale Speedway on Friday.


Check out the gallery:

Formula D Irwindale Round 7 Qualifying Results Are Here

Irwindale Speedway has been insane today as we all expected. Justin Pawlak took home the top qualifying seed while all eyes fall on Chris Forsberg who sealed up 8th place . Ryan Tuerck locked in second place which is really spicing things up for tomorrow.

Qualifying Position Driver Name Car # Qualifying Score
1 J. Pawlak 13 96.8
2 R. Tuerck 44 88.5
3 T. Foust 1 87.5
4 T. Suell 777 86.1
5 K. Mohan 99 84.6
6 D. Yoshihara 9 81.8
7 C. Forsberg 64 80.8
8 J. Maeng 51 80.6
9 S. Hubinette 77 80.1
10 R. Nishida 31 78.3
11 D. McNamara 8 77.6
12 V. Gittin 25 76.3
13 E. O’Sullivan 35 74.9
14 M. Essa 101 73.9
15 K. Gushi 5 73.7
16 T. McQuarrie 17 73.4
17 R. Millen 6 71.5
18 T. Aono 86 68.3
19 K. Hayashida 33 66.7
20 M. Powers 11 66.5
21 A. Pfeiffer 88 65.1
22 K. Yamanaka 7 64.2
23 K. Ueo 15 63.3
24 F. Aasbo 21 62.2
25 C. Parkhouse 562 60.1
26 D. VanDenBrink 19 59.6
27 R. Petty 808 59.1
28 J. LeJeune 333 57.6
29 Y. Kondo 52 57.3
30 T. Brakohiapa 18 55.4
31 M. Waldin 24 54.6
32 C. Wan 3 54

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