Forza 3: Drifting for Dummies [FREE SETUP]

Posted on Oct 28, 2009 In Lifestyle Video Games Xbox

Forza Motorsport 3

If your stuck in the PlayStation era than we apologize but we want to get all of the new owners of Forza 3 a great drift base tune.This tune applies to the Nissan 370z and you’ll need some cash but it makes a flawless drift car.

Tire Pressure:
F: 33psi
R: 31psi

Final Drive: 4.10

F: -3.0
R: -1.0

F: 1.0 Toe-out
R: 0.2 Toe-out

Front Caster: 6.5


F: 18.00
R: 20.00

F: 665 lb/in
R: 735 lb/in

Ride Height:
F: 4.2in
R: 4.4in

Rebound F: 6.2
Rebound R: 7.2
Bump F: 4.8
Bump R: 5.6


Balance: 45% Front
Force: 110% (with ABS)

Accel: 85%
Decel: 65%

Conversions: RWD, Normally Aspirated, Factory Motor
Full Race Engine and Power Parts
Full Race Platform and Handling Parts
Full Race Drivetrain Parts
Tires: Sport Compound
F: 275/35R19
R: 295/35R19
Aero: Full Nismo Kit

Let us know how you like the setup. It comes thanks to our graphic designer Kevin Keegan.


  1. Jackanori13 says:

    can someone send me some money im skint as fuck

  2. iCGaming says:

    @EjokEr You have to have a car with under 650 HP for drift battles according to FMDA / FMDL rules, but for scores and just for fun, you can use whatever you want. I have a 645 HP Mercedes for FMDA / FMDL, and a 991 HP RX-7 for point whoring and stunts and shit. Add me for tunes and designs: iCx Stoner

  3. patriot 606 says:

    thank you! i own with this car!
    someone maybe wanne raise a drift clan.?
    add me: patriot 606

  4. josssshhhhhh xD says:

    this tune is sick but unfortunately i cant drift lol

  5. josssshhhhhh xD says:

    does it work on xbox 360

  6. Joshy221 says:

    Yeah it does work on xbox 360 add me if you want a drift battle, BXR PhanToMzZ x

    by the way i might be making a new clan so message if you want to join 🙂

  7. Alexander says:

    It seeems prettty good, what tracks is this setup best on?

  8. Milky says:

    Great tuning setup, iv used this setup on a nissan 370z, it worked great, and i have now used a tweaked version of this setup on a Mazda RX-7, and works even better than it does on the nissan, fantastic, cheers

  9. fduck says:

    Damn what a car. Just got into drifting and it takes some cash to make this but its all worth it. Thanks for the setup. I had trouble finding a good one, especially after i used up so much cash on the nissan ns-x gt or something. Couldn’t seem to get it right. But thanks dude

  10. Dek says:

    Thanks for the set up. will try this when i,m online. most of the setup i have close but was struggling with the alignment side of things.This should help overcome my setup. need to learn to drift properly now.

  11. josssshhhhhh xD says:

    Im gettinb pretty good at driftin now but i cant play online cuz i have got my xbox chipped lol so cant do any drift battles sorry 🙂

  12. imanoob says:

    can you elaborate on the exact conversions.. thats tripping me up there are a couple and i dont see the factory motor put anywhere?

    thanks very much

  13. ryan says:

    Can u do one for the 08 subaru wrx sti i just cant get myne right

  14. matt says:

    would this set up work on a skyline gtr v spec??

  15. domingohertz says:

    Its a good set up.. properly balanced.. it works very well using the hand brake or the clutch kick technique.. its really really good

  16. ollie says:

    ryan – your gonna have to do a conversion and make it rear wheel drive, it wont work otherwise

  17. jesus says:

    all of these people who r talking shit probably dont know how to drift in the first place……its not just the car dumbasses…you have to drive the damn thing….

  18. IIxICoorsIxII says:

    ok the set up works but i am a noob to forza i am a ok drifter but i cant clear 70K in a race can any one help me out?

  19. chris says:

    LOVE the setup!!! Really helping me to learn how to drift! I really hope someone comes out with setups for other cars like WRX or Silvia

  20. seb says:

    the spring rate isnt correct or did i do something wrong?i have race suspension but the poundage doesnt go that high

  21. seb says:

    also is the ride height correct?its quite high

  22. NICE!!!!!!!!! also r33 gtr… RIPPEN

  23. best bro. skyline r33 gtr with nur motor ripps up… killed it btw 🙂

  24. skyline r33 for the win bro…. this setup ripps tho thanks man..

  25. forza king says:

    This car is terrible.

  26. zerohero says:

    dude i freaking bought the shelby 437 , cuz i saw this dude on youtube KILL IT with that car, cant find a drift setup , so ima try this , thanks !

  27. darien Harrington says:

    never thought u can drift in this froza thought only in froza 4.but I just hooked up one of these.and this is pulling like crazy.crazy drifting status.

  28. ChickenNuggetBiscuitMan says:

    For people having trouble the tire pressure is a little high. Bring it down 1-2 psi and it might work better.

  29. turbosupra93 says:

    Can someone send me money im broke @ TurboSupra93

  30. Hey does this work on Audi R8, Lamborghini, or Bugatti Veyron? I have all three. I was going to make a drift team together on Xbox live but ever since I got my new computer I can’t sign in on Xbox live!! LOL If you have Xbox live please help me!!!!

  31. nikosss says:

    Try mine:

    Tire Pressure:



    Final Drive:4.60






    Front Caster:6.2








    Rebound Stiffness:


    Bump Stiffness:









    By ~PistolerO~

  32. Isaiah says:

    Hey I Love The Setup But I Need More Money Send Me More @ Th3rM4L ViiZiON *Xbox 360* If You Send Money Ill Sub Or Rate Any& everything Five Stars In The Store Front!

  33. Steve B says:

    Why am i just seeing this now?!?!