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BMW 335i Coming to Formula Drift in 2010 – Driven by Michael Essa

I just got news via my facebook inbox that Michael Essa will be driving one of these in Formula Drift for 2010. What a great step up for a rookie in the 2009 season? Rumor has it the BMW 335 motor will be taken out for a M3 motor that will be turbocharged.

“The BMW 335i is a powerful rear-engine sports coupe with a rock-solid chassis leaving us plenty of room for aftermarket development—the platform will easily handle the 550-hp turbocharged 3.2-liter M3 powerplant which we are finishing development on. Michael Essa was the natural choice to drive this innovative new drift car. Not only does he have a strong motorsport racing background, but he possesses the demanding drifting creativity and competitiveness necessary to win,” says Nick Richards, President of GSR Autosport.

This could be a huge deal for Michael Essa and if this car is put together right I think he can very easily be a top 10 driver next year in this machine. The company GSR Autosport looks like a professional act which is building his machine. Here is some information about them:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, GSR Autosport is a multi-facetted professional automotive racing business. Founded and operated by genuine racing enthusiasts, GSR Autosport is a race car manufacturer that designs, develops, and builds turn-key vehicles, competitive automotive components, and race safety equipment in various facilities around the country.

I cannot wait to see renders or photos of the actual BMW, we will keep you posted as soon as we know something.


Kyle Mohan

Kyle Mohan

Fun Friday got shifted due to the holiday to Trick or Treat Saturday in honor of Halloween. We have to finish giving away our DSTROYR t-shirt lot for another giveaway. This shirt is a DSTROYR x Kyle Mohan collaboration t-shirt. The contest will be open until 2:59AM EST/11:59PM PST today when we will select a limited numbers of winners from the pool of people who complete the task. The task/goal you must complete is to put two links of Kyle Mohan’s Mazda Rx-8 drifting from our gallery into the comments of your store order. Two image links is the minimum but adding more links will help your chance of victory!

Limit ONE entry per person. The winners will be notified after it’s closed by e-mailed pending their task was accomplished.

Go Here in the store to complete your task and win:

Ford Mustang RTR-C In the Flesh [SNEAK PEAK]

Looked what we were able to score, a sneak preview photography of the RTR-C (carbon fiber full body) Ford Mustang which Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be unveiling at the Ford booth during SEMA 2009 next week. The car is full body carbon fiber which I’ve heard was built with such detail that the carbon fiber lines up between body panels like a Zonda. This is going to be a true treat for Vaughn Gittin and Ford Mustang fans alike next week.

AW Films Captures Final Fight at Irwindale [VIDEO]

Abbitt Wilkerson Takes on Irwindale

I know we have talked about Abbitt Wilkerson before but this 17 year old video sensation came down and documented Formula Drift Irwindale for everyone to join. A great edit with some unique music put to drifting really helps this video step up it’s entertainment level above the rest.

Watch the video:

Nissan 350z Crash at Club Loose [VIDEO]

350z Crash at Club Loose – Haunted Moves

The Club Loose guys held a Halloween event called Haunted Moves and this Nissan 350z didn’t quite complete the big sweeping first turn on the last try in this video. Shockingly according to the video, with some TLC they were able to get the car back out for more runs.

Watch the video:—haunted-moves

2009 SEMA Show: Where the Drift Cars Are

2009 SEMA Show Logo

While the SEMA show is larger than anything you would ever want to walk on foot in your life we provided some cliff notes so you can sift through the crap and find the drift cars and projects at the SEMA show.

AEM Power
2009 Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC – Tanner Foust

2010 Chevrolet Camaro – Conrad Grunewald

Falken Tires
2010 Formula Drift Ford Mustang – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Ford Company
2010 Carbon Fiber RTR-C Ford Mustang – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Hankook Tire
New Formula D Car at Press Conference – Lower South Hall/41045 – 11:00am (11/5/2009)

2009 Formula D Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Rhys Millen
2010 Rear Engine V8 Hyundai Genesis – Rhys Millen

K&N Filters
2010 RTR Ford Mustang – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Maxxis Tires
2009 Formula Drift Championship NOS Energy Nissan 350z – Chris Forsberg

Seibon Carbon
S13 Nissan 240sx – Joon Maeng
SR-20 Nissan 350z – Chris Forsberg

Happy 2nd Birthday To Wrecked Magazine!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Today is the 730th day Wrecked Magazine has been alive on the Internet. That would mark our two year anniversary today just after another season has finished and on the brink of SEMA 2009. I want to first off thank all of our readers, supporters, and troublemakers who visit the site all the time. We are going to go enjoy our Sprinkles cupcakes after we quickly thank all of our supporters!

SPEC Clutches
Falken Tires
AEM Power
K&N Filters

Rogue Status
Konig Wheels
Exedy Clutches
Mobil 1
Disc Brakes Australia

Forza 3: Drifting for Dummies [FREE SETUP]

Forza Motorsport 3

If your stuck in the PlayStation era than we apologize but we want to get all of the new owners of Forza 3 a great drift base tune.This tune applies to the Nissan 370z and you’ll need some cash but it makes a flawless drift car.

Tire Pressure:
F: 33psi
R: 31psi

Final Drive: 4.10

F: -3.0
R: -1.0

F: 1.0 Toe-out
R: 0.2 Toe-out

Front Caster: 6.5


F: 18.00
R: 20.00

F: 665 lb/in
R: 735 lb/in

Ride Height:
F: 4.2in
R: 4.4in

Rebound F: 6.2
Rebound R: 7.2
Bump F: 4.8
Bump R: 5.6


Balance: 45% Front
Force: 110% (with ABS)

Accel: 85%
Decel: 65%

Conversions: RWD, Normally Aspirated, Factory Motor
Full Race Engine and Power Parts
Full Race Platform and Handling Parts
Full Race Drivetrain Parts
Tires: Sport Compound
F: 275/35R19
R: 295/35R19
Aero: Full Nismo Kit

Let us know how you like the setup. It comes thanks to our graphic designer Kevin Keegan.

October Drifting with Drift Nirvana by Dan Jenkins

Acura NSX Drifting

Drift Nirvana

Drifting on the east coast is always exciting and our man Dan Jenkins headed out to the fall Drift Nirvana to capture some great pictures. He came back to us with over 500 photos from this fun event which even had an Acura NSX sliding around the track. Don’t miss these great images from the event.

Check out the gallery:

Forza Motorsport 3 is Here! Get the Wrecked Magazine Logo in Storefront

Forza 3 - Nissan 370z

Forza Motorsport 3 has arrived in the United States today! We have already loaded up the storefront with some Wrecked logos that you guys can put on your car. Either search “wrecked” or “Drifting magazine” and you can find our logos for your builds. Above is a photo of my Nissan 370z sliding around one of the Benchmark tracks. We will also be releasing a basic drift tune to get you started sliding in Forza 3 later, so please stay in tune for that one.