Team Orange 2008 D1GP Odaiba Wreck [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Sep 22, 2009 In D1GP International Japanese Wrecks

Team Orange Wreck

Team Orange Wreck

Team Orange Wreck

Team Orange Wreck

A while back we posted a video from this epic wreck with the Team Orange WRX as he battled NOB Taniguchi. You can watch the video of the Team Orange wreck captured by a fan here. We came across these shots from a D1 photographer really showing how hard of a hit the accident was. In true spirit of the accident you will notice the driver is cleaning up after his mess. The lesson is clearly to not make a course that close to huge metal poles that are low to the ground in the future.

Check out the gallery from 2009 D1GP Odaiba:


  1. Lisa says:

    jeez, that sux, gotta watch out for the metal poles. glad the driver is ok and no one got hurt. this could have been alot worst.

  2. Cobalt_Griffin says:

    Props to the crew at JUN Auto for building such a tough drift car. Then props to Subaru for designing such a tough car. This is why Kumakubo wanted the cooling system in the rear of his cars.