Versus Confirms DirecTV Sucks and Gives 1-800 Number to Complain

Posted on Sep 1, 2009 In Formula D Major Announcements Rumors/Gossip

It appears Versus has decided to speak up about the issue. Since Sunday as well it appears customer service reps. at DirecTV has been fib telling customers telling them that Versus has signed a deal to continue when they haven’t. Casey Stone at Versus was nice enough to give Formula D a number for fans to call that we want to forward on to you. 1-800-642-1923 is the telephone number and below you can read Casey’s comments. In fact, they even told Formula Drift driver Tyler McQuarrie over the weekend that service would continue.

“We are hopeful that DirecTV will make the right decision for its customers and put VERSUS back on the air so sports fans can continue to enjoy all of the network’s marquee programming. In the meantime, we urge you to call 1-800-642-1923 to demand that DirecTV puts VERSUS back on or visit for more information about how to switch to another video provider; all of which carry VERSUS.“

In addition, the DISH Netowrk has moved Versus to a different tier so we are in an additional nine-million homes for the next three months.

We appreciate you standing by us and activating your fan base during this situation. We hope to have this resolved in a timely manner.


Casey Stone
Manager, Acquisitions
Program Scheduling


  1. Al says:

    good move for DIRECT TV.

    Fuck COMCAST.

  2. donkeydrifter says:

    I hate Diretv! Go F yourself! Why do I pay you $90 a month? Looking for new service with Versus

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Good thing this hasn’t affected FD yet, since they didn’t pull it until Monday; after the first show aired. Hopefully this will get resolved but in the mean time the net loss is only to those that won’t get FD.

  4. Hubert Young says:

    I just signed up with Direct TV 3 months ago and then this bad news… Called them to complaint but they said there is nothing they could do! Unfortunately, I can’t cancel Direct TV without paying penalties. I hate contracts, which is another very unethical practice to retain customers… I hate all TV providers!

  5. […] change. The re-airs will take place on Tuesday 10/6 at 4:30pm and Wednesday 10/7 at 5:30pm EST. If you have DirecTV none of this matters to you because your not getting Formula Drift at all right …After this weekend scheduling will return to it’s standard Sunday 2pm (EST) / 11am (PST) […]

  6. Elias says:

    I suppose I may come off a little biased towards DISH as an employee, but fact is I’ve been a customer for about three years longer than I’ve been hitting the time clock, and I know that DISH not only offers VS, but also has the most HD in the industry.