A Drifting School is Coming to Atlanta, Georgia

Posted on Aug 31, 2009 In Major Announcements Misc

Way north of Atlanta, Georgia in Dawsonville (Home of NASCAR driver Bill Elliott) a company is putting together Atlanta Motorsports Park on a 162 acre lot. Today on Monday, August 31st, 2009, Atlanta Motorsports Park announced the “drifters” program and driving school as its newest class of membership.

Atlanta Motorsports Park incorporated a drifting circuit as part of the course design from the famed Formula One engineers at Tilke Architects.  Jeremy Porter, AMP Founder and CEO, said, “we see this market as one that is emerging and one we need to focus on.”

Jeremy Porter said, “I have been working with Dan Willie and Tracy Shayhorn of Batlground Engineering to create both a membership program and drifting school that is affordable and makes sense for this market.  We understand the limited budgets and we feel that we can create a membership price point that will work with this market.”

According to the press release we received the AMP website will have more details coming in the next 30 days. From what we are told the track has all been properly zoned and construction is underway currently. You can view this map/track layout PDF we got our hands on. The website doesn’t have a date for completion which doesn’t seem very reassuring but hopefully you can be at drift school in Atlanta soon.

View the Track Layout PDF: www.wreckedmagazine.com/images/2009/Atlantamotorsportspark.tracklayouts.pdf


  1. Nopi drift says:


    The students will learn spinning and whining from the best!

  2. Driftwest.ca says:

    Track layout doesn’t work?

  3. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Fixed, sorry about that.

  4. Atlanta says:

    announced there drift school program for atlanta late July in a mass mailer which is to start end of the 4th quarter 2009. I wish everyone the best.

  5. Pedro says:

    Ooooh, great instructors… will cheating be taught too? How about underhanded stuff and backstabbing too?

  6. mika says:

    is this stuff is still going on today