Long Story Short Documentary on Drifting [VIDEO]

Long Story Short – Drifting – MYX Documentaries

This video dwells into drifting last season at Long Beach and a few other events for a 20+ minute documentary on Formula D. The video talks to drivers like Ken Gushi and Sam Hubinette to sum up quite a bit of thoughts on drifting.The short film also features Jim Liaw (Formula D founder) and RJ DeVera talking about behind the scenes in drifting and the judging aspects.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/long-story-short—drifting—myx-documentari


  1. irish25256 says:

    the last 3 minuets messed up for me 🙁

  2. Chubby Chaser says:

    I feel dumber having now watched that. All they basically did was take a bunch of clips from YouTube and DVDs, then threw in some interviews, original footage, and misinformation. I find it funny how producers of a show about “innovators” and “groundbreakers” could be such tools.