Formula Drift Is on the Air in 15 Minutes [REMINDER]

Posted on Aug 30, 2009 In Formula D Lifestyle Major Announcements

Versus Channel

Tune your television to the Versus Network already and get ready for the start of Formula Drift 2009 on the air! We will be doing a post episode recap on the website and our account will have some live updates on our thoughts from the show. Make sure you @reply us on twitter if you have any thoughts you have on the episodes by addressing your tweet with @wreckedmagazine . If your not on twitter you can leave any comments here you have on the show!


  1. Drifting Rex says:

    Ready for this one!

  2. DA Fan says:

    Wow, this 2008 recap is top notch. Formula D has stepped their game up. Not to mention fishing is on before which is way kick ass.