D1GP USA Bans James Bondurant and Issues $10,000 Fine

Posted on Jul 4, 2009 In D1GP USA Major Announcements Rumors/Gossip

The D1GP USA Miami Round drama has surfaced. James Bondurant was granted 16th place after qualifying and it was later determined he was 17th and removed from the top 16. Apparently the drama spilled over into web forums and text messages. As a result the Drift Avengers/James Bondurant have been suspended for the 2009 season and stripped of all points due to their actions. Rich Goodman, the president of the D1GP USA has released this statement about the event:

1) James Bondurant – Suspension of D1GP USA competition license for the 2009 season, loss of series points and a fine of $10,000. The remedy in order to compete in D1GP USA again after the suspension period and to waive the imposed fine is a formal letter of apology to fans on drifting.com, a personal meeting with Keiichi Tsuchiya, personal meeting with D1GP USA Competition Director Terence and only after all these requirements have been met will James be required to meet with D1GP USA President to discuss the rules and regulations of the event series in detail. It will then be at the discretion of D1GP USA President to grant a provisional license to re-enter D1GP USA.

2) Ruth Surrey and “Dr. Z” will never be allowed to be affiliated with D1GP USA again in any manner. There is no remedy.

3) No driver will be allowed to participate in D1GP USA while affiliated with the Parties

4) No member of our staff will be employed while affiliated with the Parties

5) Recommendation will be made by the President of D1GP USA to D1GP Corporation to uphold this disciplinary action within their series as well as their affiliate series’ around the world

6) These matters will be made known to all D1GP affiliates of any kind worldwide

In other news related to this story we have been told Forest Wang has of course unaffiliated himself with this team so he will able to take drift in the rest of the D1GP USA season.


  1. curious says:

    What happened?

  2. Bryan Rogers says:

    I had an amazing day at the Megan invitaional event and didn’t think the day could get any better then I saw this! So much respect and personal thanks go out to d1gp.

  3. Cobalt_Griffin says:

    I don’t really get it… What happened, an explanation would be nice.

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    No one really made it clear what direct things happened that I have read. I am assuming the actions of this thread is part of what D1GP USA is upset about.


  5. Dan Jenkins says:

    I just read that entire thread…. WOW! Pretty heavy stuff going on.

  6. who cares? says:

    does anyone really care about that series’ message board drama? they should spend less time cruising the forums and spend more time improving their 2nd rate series.

  7. Matt says:

    Drifting is way too small of a sport for this kind of banter, your not helping the greater good. everyone just go out there and have fun. If your a good driver you can overcome the politics anyhow.