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Wexican Motorsport Testing a Nissan Laurel [VIDEO]

Wexican Motorsport Testing it’s new Nissan Laurel

The Pro Drift Ireland team Wexican Motorsports has been testing it’s Nissan Laurel in preperation for Round 3 of Pro Drift Ireland. This Nissan Laurel is not found here in the United States but this car looks gorgeous sliding around this test track.

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Coming to Formula Drift

The SEMA selection from General Motors was just released and Conrad Grunewald is on the list. After speaking with a former GM agency rep and viewing GMTunerSource it appears that Conrad was issued a car so he can campaign in Formula D. This should be an interesting machine to see sliding around in Formula Drift. Hopefully the car will be campaigned for the 2010 Formula Drift series unlike the Dodge Challenger we were promised at SEMA that has yet and will probably never appear on track in competition form.


Format 67’s Siliva Montage [VIDEO] and a Silvia

Format 67 made a video featuring a Silvia and some driving action that came out great. A very high quality video production featuring the beloved Silvia from Format67 was a great piece. The only thing we could ask for in this video is some more great drifting action.

Watch the video:

Togue Battle with a S13 Vs. S15 Vs. 1JZX100 [VIDEO]

Togue Battle – 1JZX Vs. G. Corp S13 Vs. Yashio Factory S15

This week we have been rolling out quite a bit of old school togue/drift footage from Japan but I think this is my favorite video we have out to date. Take a 1JZX100 making over 600hp battling the G. Corporation S13 and the Yashio Factory S15 in a no holds barred togue battle.

Watch the video:—1jzx-vs-g-corp-s13-v

Wrecked Magazine x UTI Project Nissan 350z is here!

Nissan 350z

Nissan 350z

Our Wrecked Magazine x University Technical Institute Nissan 350z has arrived to us in California finally. Fresh off a transporter this 2060 Nissan 350z has a factory Interlagos Fire paint which we will be ready to replace soon. You can follow the 350z build week by week on the Project 350z blog and in the new issues of Wrecked Magazine.

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2007 MSC Drift Event from YZ Circuit

The Japanese parts shop MAX provided the footage for this great piece of MSC footage from the fast entry YZ Circuit. Don’t miss all the great executions of drift entry along with some that aren’t so great. This is a long one but a goodie from the 2007 MSC Drifting series in Japan.

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MSC Drift Round 13 from Ebisu [VIDEO]

MSC Drift Round 13 at Ebisu Circuit

Enjoy some Japanese MSC Drift content from the famous Ebisu Circuit. Some single run competition and triple tandem makes the Japanese series one exciting privateer event to watch. On the famous Ebisu circuit really adds to the excitement of watching these privateers sliding around the track.
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Plowing through a dirt mound in a Nissan S14 Crash [VIDEO]

Wrecking a S14 Nissan in Style on a hill!

Some people say you have seen one and you have seen them all but I have to disagree when it comes to drifting accidents (or wrecks which is a better name). This S14 in Japan was trying for some big entry and after locking up his brakes fell to quite a shock as he slide up this mountain. You have to check this one out. 


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Joon Maeng is Prepped for Formula D Las Vegas

As most of you guys have realized already is that Joon Maeng is the privateer to watch here in 2009. With a fourth place finish in Atlanta followed by taking down the number one in points (Ryan Tuerck) at Round 3 Wall Speedway in top 32 he has shown he is here to win in 2009. What most of you might not know is that while battling Vaughn Gittin Jr. in top 16 he blew up his motor!

For a privateer who’s car is sitting 2,500 miles away from his home shop that could pose quite some problems. Luckily Joon Maeng has been on the ball and it looks like we will see him at Formula D Round 4 Las Vegas early next month no problem. Nice to see the progress!

If you want daily Joon Maeng Updates check out his blog:

Fabricated Motorsports Goes Drifting at DropFest

Fabricated Motorsports goes Drifting at DropFest in Wisconsin

Fabricated Motorsports invaded Wisconsin International Speedway recently for DropFest. Aaron Losey and his buddies took to the DropFest event and put on quite a show for the crowd at hand, check the video out.

Watch the video: