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2010 Ford Mustang in Japan – Vaughn Hits up Bihoku Circuit

Chapter 2: 223Km to Bihoku – 2010 Ford Mustang in Japan Project

For Chapter 2 of the 2010 Ford Mustang event Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his 2010 Ford Mustang to Bihoku Circuit and drifts at a local Japanese drifting event. Some guys from the evening before’s Osaka Street Drifting came out to slide with Vaughn and the unreleased 2010 Mustang. Watch some very exciting triple tandem with the Mustang in the middle.

Watch the video:—2010-ford-mustang

Formula D Team Drift Long Beach Roster

Team 1 | Drift Alliance
Chris Forsberg
Justin Pawlak
Tony Angelo

Team 2 | Team Underdogs

Dan Pina
Mike Essa
Carl Rydquist

Team 3 | TBA
Conrad Grunewald
Samuel Hubinette
Kyle Mohan

Team 4 | The HEAT!
Matt Powers
Cody Parkhouse
Pat Mordaunt

Team 5 | Drift Pro
Taka Aono
Hiro Sumida
Yoshie Shuyama

Team 5 | Corolla M.O.B

Yasu Kondo
Tommy Suell
John Russakoff

Mez Productions Shows Us Australian Drifting at OakBurn Raceway

Mez Productions Brings us to OakBurn Raceway for Australian Drifting

Mez Productions highights the Austrailian Drifting scene with a great production piece on Drifting in Australia. They show some multi car tandem and some sliding style exclusively to down under. If you want to see the real scene down under than look no further than this video.

Watch the video:

Drift Samurai Loses a Wheel During a Tandem Battle!

Drift Samurai Loses his Wheel and Keeps Drifting!

During a tandem race between Drift Samurai and Koguchi the lead car driven by Drift Samurai loses his front passenger wheel. With only three wheels he continues and completes the course with Koguchi close in pursuit. A very memorable race between these two guys in Japan for sure.

Watch the video:

2010 Ford Mustang in Japan – Chapter 1- Togue: The Roots

Chapter 1- Touge: The Roots 2010 Ford Mustang in Japan Project

Vaughn Gittin Jr. brought out a 2010 Ford Mustang to Japan to enjoy the birthplace of Drifting. The first Chapter in this story is Togue: The Roots. Vaughn arrives in Osaka and hits the streets to go Drifting through the mountains and docks in Osaka, Japan. The Mustang stayed back at the hotel for the night but some three and four car tandem will keep you plenty entertained.

Watch the video:–touge-the-roots-2010-ford-mustang-

Chris Forsberg Helmet Camera – Formula D Long Beach

Chris Forsberg Helmet Camera at Formula D Long Beach

Chris Forsberg brought out the Nissan 350z and attached a helmet camera during Friday’s practice. Watch his calm and collective style as he follows Ryan Tuerck through the Formula D Long Beach course. These guys are flying through the streets of Long Beach course.

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First Time: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Interview while Drifting

First Ever: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Interview While Drifting

While shooting some action sequences for G4’s Attack of the Show we were able to catch up with Vaughn Gittin Jr. He had no spare time before Long Beach and we really wanted an interview. So Vaughn told us to hop in the 2010 Ford Mustang and try to conduct an interview while he was sliding around the Forum in Inglewood. We reach speeds in excess of 100mph while conducting an interview.

Watch the video:

Formula D Long Beach Video Compilation by Joshua Herron

2009 Formula D Round 1 Compilation by Joshua Herron!

A nice and quick video compliation produced by Josh which really gives a great highlight and summerizes the Formula D Long Beach event. Some fast drifting excitement all the way to the end of the video where you can watch video of Vaughn Gittin Jr. slamming into the much slower Sam Hubinette from behind as they enter the hairpin. Watch this and find some great highlights of Long Beach and enjoy some wonderful views of the surronding city.

Watch the video:

Formula D Official Standings After Round 1

Here are the official results and points for the seeded drivers going into Round 2 at Road Atlanta. Note some big name guys are missing such as Rhys Millen who was eliminated in the first round of 32.

1. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1 102 Points
2. Hubinete, Samuel NuFormz Racing / Mopar Dodge Viper 90 Points
3. Foust, Tanner Rockstar / Scion Racing tC 84 Points
4. Nishida, Robbie Hankook Tires / Dynamic Autosports Nissan 350Z 72 Points
5. Aono, Taka Technosquare Toyota AE86 Corolla 65 Points
6. Brakohiapa, Tony Cooper Tire Ford Mustang 62 Points
6. Verdier, Stephan Crawford Racing Subaru WRX 62 Points
6. Gittin, Vaughn Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang GT 62 Points
6. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Tire Nissan 350Z 62 Points
10. McNamara, Darren Falken Tire / Sears Saturn Sky 61 Points
11. Pawlak, Justin Mazda USA / Cooper 58 Points
12. Grunewald, Conrad Tanaka Racing Chevy Corvette 57 Points
13. Ly, Quoc Driftspeed Nissan S14 56 Points
14. Ueo, Katsuhiro Driftspeed Nissan S15 55 Points
15. Jeff Jones Comp. Turbo / K&N Filters Nissan S13 54.50 Points
16. Hayashida, Kazu Maziora / Signal Auto Nissan S15 53 Points

Interview with Joon Maneg about Formula D Long Beach [VIDEO]

Joon Maeng at Formula D Long Beach about his newly setup S13

Joon Maeng tackled Formula D Long Beach considering he had no seat time with his reworked S13. On Friday he slipped up a little hitting the tire barrier coming out of turn 9. Overnight they made some changes to the car and gave it a little tune up which had him come out on Saturday at 100%. His first draw in the 32 was Drift Alliance friend Vaughn Gittin. Joon was unable to defeat him in the 2010 Ford Mustang but he looked good losing without a doubt. He put up a tough fight and we expect to see much more of him in 2009.

Watch the video: