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US Drift Grassroots Event – April 19th [GALLERY]

Most of you guys have to be hungry for some good east coast sliding because I feel we haven’t seen too much this year. This event comes from Dan Jenkins where US Drift let the east coast drivers destroy this track. With over 400 great photos including some crazy tandem photographs shows the east coast drifting guys having a ton of fun.

Check out the gallery:

Calvin Wan Testing his S15 [VIDEO]

Calvin Wan Testing his Silvia S15

Calvin Wan was filmed at his private test day by the Falken Tires staff and they hooked us up with the video to treat you guys with. The video has some great action of the Silvia sliding around at a private test track. The car does look great and you can enjoy some Calvin Wan overload thanks to Falken.
Watch the video:

Formula D Long Beach from the eyes of Rogue Status

Rogue Status Presents Formula D Long Beach

If you want to see a very unique and exciting view of Formula D Long Beach then don’t bother looking past this video. Rogue Status take the non industry eye and unleashes it on the Formula D Long Beach circuit. This is the best video we have seen from these guys to date so don’t overlook this one!

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Falken Tire Driver Highlight: Vaughn Gittin Jr. [VIDEO]

Falken Driver Profile: Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Formula D Long Beach

Falken Tires has one of the toughest teams in Drifting right now and they wanted to throw at us a video montage of Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Formula D Long Beach. The 2010 Ford Mustang slides around the Streets of Long Beach course as aggressive as the old body Mustang! The on car footage Falken Tires captured with the Go Pro Camera is nuts! When they slide into the horseshoe you can see Drift Alliance buddy Chris Forsberg on top of his Ford Mustang!

Watch the video:

Formula Drift on NBC’s Whipnotic – Saturday at 5pm

For the Los Angeles crowd you can flip on NBC tomorrow at 5pm (or again Sunday at 1:30am) and check out Formula Drift on Whipnotic. For those of you not in the Los Angeles area they have posted the whole Drifting episode already on their website.

Watch the Full Episode of NBC’s Whipnotic:

D1GP USA Judging Panel Complete for Round 1

D1GP USA’s Round 1 at Anaheim has a complete three panel judging team now for it’s first round which i right around the corner. Also note that Hishashi Kamimoto is a judge currently in the D1GP Japan series.

D1GP Round 1 Judging Panel:
*Hisashi Kamimoto
Adam Andretti
Brian Norris

*Denotes Head Judge

Gumball 3000 Kicks Off in Santa Monica – Come Party!

In case your in Santa Monica, California you should come check out the departure of the Gumball 3000! On Friday May 1st, 2009 you can check out a supercar display in Parking Lot 1550 next to Santa Monica Pier. Over 100+ cars from a Bugatti Veyron to many other supercars that you can see in person. Lucky for you that Wrecked Magazine IS coming to the rally this year to blow it up! We are keeping our wheels a secert but we will have some fun coverage over the course of the event.

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2010 Ford Mustang Giveaway – FREE FREE FREE!

What better way to get your hands on a 2010 Ford Mustang other than free. Bosch Spark Plugs right now is giving away a 2010 Ford Mustang to drifting fans. As long as your 18 with an address and a pulse you can sign up over at Bosch’s website. Vaughn is also giving away drifting lessons, Bosch Spark Plugs, and Bosch gear for people who sign up. The contest ends on June 1st so hurry up and head over before your chance for a free 2010 Mustang has passed.

Sign Up to Win a 2010 Ford Mustang

Eric O’Sullivan Reflects on his First Race in America [VIDEO]

Eric O’Sullivan Back In Ireland – Reviews Formula D Long Beach

He came, he saw, and he ended up in only one tandem battle with another Irishman. Eric O’Sullivan took a top 32 loss to Darren McNamara but he got some seat time in his new Subaru WRX and has now tackled the hardest track on the circuit without any damage. Find out how he is getting ready for the rest of 2009 and how he is doing back in Ireland.

Watch the video:—reviews-for

Formula D Flashback Film: Wall Speedway

Formula D FlashBack: Wall Speedway in 2007

If you can bring yourself to remember two Formula D seasons ago you would remember when we hit Wall Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey. This video has some great highlights from that event. This year Formula D is returning to Wall Speedway and bringing things back to the oval thunder dome. The crowd wraps right around the bowl and back in 2007 the crowd got really into the event here.

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