Falken Tires Snowboard Giveaway!!!

In celebration of our newest site sponsor Falken Tires and the Formula Drift Ditch Day at MT High we are giving away this Falken snowboard. Find out how to win below:

Step 1: You have to write us a quick note on the most fun/best experiance you ever had at a Formula D event. If somehow you have never been to an event you can write it about a snowboarding experience and if you haven’t done either make up something good and submit.

Step 2:You have until 11:35pm on Monday March 9th, 2009 to submit your entry.

Step 3: You can submit your answer to wreckedmagazine@gmail.com or sent us a message on one of our social networking sites.

Step 4: Just remember, a single 21 year old college girl is picking the winner so ummm, hopefully that helps you win.

Live in Los Angeles and want to snowboard, check this out: http://www.formulad.com/blog/?p=933


  1. kevin soria says:

    drifting is the best thing i ever seen…and falken tires are the best on my s13!! 😀

  2. Ryan Bunting says:

    going to round 6 of drift alliance in 2006 in wall nj. crazy time

  3. Marshall Simons says:

    Im leaving for United States Marine Corp basic training this summer and hope to take a snow boarding trip after i get back from school of infantry. There aren’t any sanctioned areas in Alabama to drift so it makes it hard to get out and do some sliding, but my rx7 with Falken Azenis love the autox.

  4. I was drag out to cali for two weeks with my aunt for a business trip. i was really bummed and had nothing to do. I didn’t know anyone or anywhere to go considering i was from the east coast. At the end of the two weeks i found out that FD vs D1 was coming write after i left. I talked to my aunt into staying another week and i remember every second of the event. It had me saying “ONE MORE TIME”…..Falken azenis = the best thing i ever put on my AE86

  5. Richard Aguirre says:

    The best time at Formula D i can remember is when in 2006 Vaughn Gittin J.r. gave me his autograph. and On 2007 i returned only to give give him my autograph. We both had a blast. this is a true story. Don’t believe me? Go to Vaughn Gittin’s Myspace and check out his photos. BTW my nickname is Panda.

  6. Jose Campos says:

    i have never been to a Formula D event ive always wanted to go to one but never have I gotten the chance. but i have snowboarded before and that was a while back in elementry grade school and id have to say that my most fun and experiance time snowboarding has to be evreything becuase theres just nuthing about it i cant not like.evreything was fun even when they were teaching the basic stuff like stopping and keeping my balince. but if i had to choose i guess it would just have to be just going outthere and snowboarding trying to do tricks and falling in my but lol.

  7. Vincent Wong says:

    The first time i went to a Formula D was in Long Beach, i fell in love with drifting because of formula D and now its like a religion to me. I can’t miss any event and if i had to miss work i did and still will. Everytime i leave an event i lose my voice because i’m always screaming for more.
    btw falken tires are my very favorite, all i have is falkens and nothing more

  8. DA Fan says:

    I wish the Drift Alliance was all on Falken Tires, they are the best brand in Drifitng by far!

    Is the girl reading these submissions a virgin? I need to know before I submit my e-mail.

  9. drew anderson says:

    me and my buddies went snowboarding up in the mountains early on a saterday then went drifting all night afterwards till sunday morning!!!!

  10. Eric Hill says:

    The best time I’ve ever had at a Formula Drift Event also happened to be the worst. It was the Pro/am Nationals in conjunction with the Red Bull event in Long Beach. A power steering failure and an engine failure helped me put my pride and joy into a wall. Yes it really did suck. But the best part was having friends and fellow drivers lend a hand and parts straight off of their cars to help get me back on the track. This was a great moment for me in the spirit of Formula Drift. It also didn’t hurt to see a couple buddies get there licenses while I was getting refills at the open bar. And for the girl picking the winner I’ll let you come along while I test the new board out. 😉 P.s. I’m running RT615’s right now and love them!

  11. Jeremy Torres says:

    Our exhilarating experience with Falken was meeting Vaughn Gitten Jr. at D1GP, polite and accomodating drifter, took time to autograph our posters and at the end of the day beating Kumakubo tsuiso drift at D1 World Championships!
    More power to Vaughn Gitten!

  12. Donte Gateward says:

    Drifting is my f***ing life thats i want to do Tanner Foust is my Idol man seriously and Porsche is my favorite dealer and i also look up to Vaughn Gitten Jr. I realy wish i could meet those guys or to even just see them drift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Donte Gateward says:

    The Only Drift Events I Can Remember Is When I Was In Maunabo, Puerto Rico This Summer!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Donte Gateward says:

    I Love Falken Tires So Much I Could Just Sleep on Them Seriously!!!!:)