Joon Maeng’s 2009 Formula D car leaves paint green

Posted on Feb 18, 2009 In Formula D Spy Shots

Green 240sx

Just a few weeks ago we broke a story that Joon Maeng would be returning into his S13 for the 2009 Formula D season. Now we just located a snap shot of Joon’s Nissan 240sx with a new spray job fresh from paint. The color is an awesome looking green color that will really help him stand out in the new season. The car looks like it is making some exciting progress as we approach Long Beach and we cannot wait to see it complete soon.


  1. Sam’s Auto Land does great work!

  2. Mickey says:

    Looks good Joon! You’re gonna be great back in your car with support of LS Auto. Kevin surely knows his way around S/Z chassis cars.

    I second CF’s comment. SAMS AUTO LAND=AWESOME WORK!

  3. Patrick says:

    Looking good Joon, hope you have more success in FD than you did last year.

  4. Joon Maeng says:

    Yes, I’m very greatful for Maxxis Tires, LSAUTO.COM, CFR, SAM’S AUTO LAND and many others to support us this year! I’m very blessed to be working with people with such great passion for the Sport of Drifting! Thank you very much! I appreciate your support! See you all at Formula Drift! Thanks for the Love Wrecked Magazine!

    Joon Woo Maeng