Chris Forsberg goes Drag Racing in his Competition Nissan 350z!?

Posted on Jan 4, 2009 In Chris Forsberg Formula D Lifestyle Spy Shots

Chris Forsberg

Yea, that is correct. Chris Forsberg has been itching for some racing action for the off season and headed to Fontana for some 2009 drag racing. He slapped some slicks on the car and piloted down the drag strip at 11.9@110mph. Chris wound up with a 1.7 second 60 foot time meaning the slicks broke traction and bogged him up on the start. Chris was telling us at the 1/8th mile at Irwindale he has run a 1.5 60 foot time in the past which would of given him a much better finishing time in the 1/4 mile.

Either way, we had a ton of fun hanging out with Chris Forsberg and the whole Chris Forsberg Racing crew at the drag strip today. Fellow Formula D driver Joon Maeng even came out to cheer Chris on drag straight in the 1/4 mile. Chris promises next time we come to visit him at the drag strip the 120 shot of NOS is coming out and hopefully he will land in the 10’s. Quite frankly we cannot wait, especially with this boring off season. April cannot seem to get here soon enough.

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Chris Forsberg


  1. Mike Peters says:

    That’s really really awesome to see. Its awesome how JR/Forsberg are out having fun one way or another with cars all the time, it so awesome to see that.

  2. I heard that since drifting is now dead, everyone is gonna go back to drag racing? Wait, that is dead too, whats next? rally, no rally has always been dead in the US, maybe horse racing?

  3. Zack says:

    Since when has drifting died? D1 is coming to the USA this year. So drifting is not dead.

  4. Mike Peters says:

    Well I guess other dude is right..I mean doing other motorsports with your car you built for drifting is really really dumb.

    I mean nobody wants to know what it does/smokes in a 1/4, nobody wants to see how low a laptime they can get on a track.

    God forbid they take their racecar thru the drivethru.

    Enjoying your car is sooo dumb. Next thing you know you’ll see him at some old people carshow with it showing off his work and checking out other peoples cars and telling them about drifting. What a tradgedy that would be.

  5. gay andy says:

    suuuuure, wear the badass hard top when i’m not around. ur gay chris.

    ps. mike peters or gaymike peters, sarcasm is hard to detect online for me. IF YOU WERE SERIOUS… doing anything with any car is awesome. cars rule, duh.

  6. Vosko says:

    you got me beat by .3 seconds BUT i was on 225 federal street tires ! i need drag radials next time 🙂

    wheres the video ??

  7. kidbandikoot says:

    im sure its nothing to boast about but what was ur time

    but even still its pretty badass to see what other trouble you can get into when the seasons done just dont quit ur dayjob (FD) but having a hobbie is cool
    also im sure it wont be till next year 2010 but whos gonna get the 370z????!!!! and why in gods good name is tanner switching to scion i think thats BS i mean what comes next theyre gonna drop a s2000 engine in a civic..

    tell him to wait till that toyobaru car comes out (RWD)

    stay reckless

  8. Mickie says:

    I thought they were kidding when my buddies from Caltracs said that you were out there….

    11’s is pretty awesome though!

  9. dgtrials says:

    VOSKO you could knock off the 3/10ths if you ate less pizza

  10. Rion says:

    Yessss very much for the win.

  11. Devin says:

    Thats pretty cool! I got to see JR in the 2010 mustang at our local drift event.. He even gave ameen’s (DA Ace) little brother a ride! Its awesome to see that guys like you havent forgotten how to have a little fun every now and then.

  12. Chris A says:

    Looks fun to me. Time to time attack with the Z now.

  13. javi says:

    were and when to buy this hard top ?? pleaseeeee

  14. javi says:

    pleaseee,i love u this hard top!!!! where i can buy s.o.s.

  15. Mike Peters says:

    Please pay attention to me.

  16. dr phil says:

    awesome!!! should be fun to watch time attack with that z