D1 Champion Possibly Fed Up and Coming to Great Land of Freedom?

Posted on Nov 25, 2008 In D1GP Formula D Rumors/Gossip Spy Shots

So Daigo Saito was the 2008 D1GP Champion and he was slated to drive at Redbull Drift Championship but D1 used trickery and threats to talk him out of driving so we heard. Well now we have confirmed that Daigo Saito has been spotted testing Joon Maeng’s 2007 Formula D ride, a S14 Nissan 240sx. So instead of putting on a show at Redbull he was testing a Hankook car, interesting! We have heard that nothing has been signed/sealed/wheeled/dealed but it seems like a matter of time that the Hankook team does something big for 2009. They have no Tyler McQuarrie and need a gap filled on the team for sure. We are going to be brazen and assume Daigo will be driving for Hankook in 2009 and you heard it at Wrecked Magazine first!


  1. deadpirate says:

    that would be super sick!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cam says:

    No suprising seeing him and nashida are good friends.

    hmm… mabey porche???

    he could handle it!

  3. Cobalt_Griffin says:

    Saito would be a step towards Formula Drift taking the lead as the world’s drifting authority. There are parts of me that hope that D1 didn’t do what they have been alleged to do. Trickery and threats as such a low attempt to keep Japanese talent home in Japan. Either way IF Saito does come over whoever sponsors him should build a carbon copy of the Chaser that won him the 2008 D1GP championship. Plus it would be great to see Miki V. Saito.

  4. Alex kantarovski says:

    He aint driving that car in 09, he’s nexto me now and he said it aint true…