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Stay Updated at Formula D Irwindale!

Cannot make Formula D Irwindale!? Then stay live up to the minute with out twitter feed allowing everyone in the community and at the event to keep you filled in all weekend with the #formulad tag over the weekend. Follow all the updates as they happen so you don’t miss a moment!!!

Find out what is going on at Formula D Irwindale:

Twitter @ Formula D Irwindale this weekend – Live chat update on Wrecked

If your on twitter and attending Formula D this weekend make sure when your talking about the event this weekend to use the #FormulaD hash with no space between Formula and D. So when you post something on your own twitter account like “Having fun at #formulad,” it will automatically be picked up to our Wrecked Magazine Irwindale chat!

If your unable to make the event then check the Wrecked Magazine Irwindale Twitter feed here so you can receive the most up to the second updates from the Wrecked Magazine staff and all the Drifting fans in attendance at Irwindale!

Want to participate this weekend in our chat but not on twitter? It’s a free service, just register by clicking here and then add the #formulad tag to any comment you make about Irwindale that you wish to show up at our site! Stay tuned.

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Spotted: Totally naked Nissan 370z

It looks like KGP photography scored a great shot of the Nissan 370z without camo! just ran this story and the car looks AMAZING. I was just talking to someone a few days ago about how no one had really found great photos of the car so far.  Well looks like our complaints have been answered with these gorgeous photos. It looks like I might be have to make a move and toss my Infiniti G37 when this comes out and get back into a true Nissan. Wow! This needs to hit the dealerships soon and the Formula D course by Long Beach.

Sam Hubinette Speaks to Edrft

For all you Sam Hubinette fans, Edrft caught up with him in Sonoma, California during Round 6 of the Formula D circuit to chat about some recent events. Sam Hubinette talks about Drifting in the rain in Seattle, bringing out the Charger in Mexico and quite a bit more. This is a must read for any Sam Hubinette fan.

Read the interview: Sam Hubinette’s Full Interview

Calvin Wan Blogs: His HIN Nighshift Drifting Adventure

Calvin Wan blogs at Speedhunters about his HIN experience¬† recently where he went drifting¬† in the gorgeous black BMW above. A really well put together post where you can learn a good bit about the Formula D driver Calvin Wan. He even talks about his love for BMW’s and how he use to own some old school BMW’s back in the day.

Read Calvin’s Blog Post:

Bosch Performance Art Site Launched – Videos Inside

Finally Bosch Spark Plugs has given us what we are waiting for!!!!! After all the hot talks last month from Vaughn Gittin shutting down the roads of downtown Los Angeles and ripping them apart in his Falken Tires Ford Mustang! This video and the amazing stuff you will see on this site should make any Mustang owner or Drifting fanatic proud. Don’t miss it and two more videos are due out to release very soon!

See Vaughn Gittin rip through downtown Los Angeles:

Takatori goes Drifting at Formula D Sonoma!

Check out our man Takatori ripping up Sonoma in his R34 Skyline. This is the best video by far that Dead Pirate Productions has put together while following Takatori in 2008. You cannot miss this video and it gets us pumped since we are just days away from Formula D Irwindale!

Watch the video:

One Insane Toyota Aristo!

I have seen a ton of Drifting machines in my day but words just don’t even really come to me when I try and explain this Toyota Aristo to anyone. This has to the be the most insane thing I have ever seen. Watch in disbelief as this Aristo just melts the universe and ends up winning this contest over Ueno.

Watch the video:

D1 New Zeland Drifting Notes from Round 3

“Fanga” Dan Woolhouse debuted his new Holden Commodore drift car at round three. As Speedhunters reports the project is a unique Holden since the V8 was ripped out for a RB-26. Clearly he had the car setup right as he finished second overall for the weekend of Round 3. Dan use to pilot a S15 Silvia that you would recognize that is rumored to be traveling overseas soon. Tiger White, a local to Christchurch took home the win at his home course in a flat black Skyline powered S13 to victory at round 3.

Thanks to Speedhunters for the info!

Formula D Pro Am East Drifting Results

1st- Brian Wilkerson (S13 Nissan 240sx)
2nd- John Wagner (S13 Nissan 240sx)
3rd- Nate Brasz (S13 Nissan 240sx)
4th- Dan Savage (S14 Nissan 240sx)

Other licenses issued:
Stewart Leask (S14 Nissan 240sx)
Dennis Mertzanis (S14 Nissan 240sx)
James Robinson (Honda Element)
Matt Waldin (S13 Nissan 240sx)
Ali Aljibouri (Pontiac Solstice)
Ron Ewerth (Nissan 240sx)