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Nissan Released 370z before the LA Auto Show

Nissan has finally released the 370z prior to it’s worldwide debut at the LA Auto Show. We have been stalking this car for sometime now as it’s release to the market might convert into a new Drifting chassis for the 2009 Formula D series. This was the 370z spotted earlier this month wrapped in camo out on the streets. The all new Z will hit dealerships in early 2009. Well I guess we know that Tanner Foust won’t be drifting a Nissan 370z for 2009. Who else is left to step up the reigns to pilot the new Z?

Ryan Tuerck – Not at Redbull Championship

The only other decline for the 2008 Redbull Championship was a funding decline from Gardella Racing and his driver Ryan Tuerck. The Mobil 1/Maxxis Tires Solstice lacked a title sponsor for the whole 2008 Formula D season. They couldn’t stretch funding to make the Redbull World Championship in November even after Ryan took home 2008 Formula D Driver of the year. Someone make some phone calls and get this team some stronger backing for 2009! We will miss you in action Ryan.

D1 Grand Prix up to typical crybaby antics

The D1 Grand Prix series is up to it’s typical “screw you Drifting world, we are better” attitude and has told all of their drivers that they are not allowed to participate at the Redbull World Challenge. In a matter that seemed to be going on behind private doors until today when Formula D posted a full card of people who were offered spots for this event and D1 had a big DECLINED on the list.

D1GP D1GP Japan 1 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
D1GP D1GP Japan 2 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
D1GP D1GP Japan 3 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
D1GP D1GP Japan 4 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
D1GP D1GP Japan 5 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
D1GP D1GP Japan 6 of 6 invitations D1 requested DECLINED
Nob Taniguchi D1GP Japan 2001 Champ DECLINED – Prior engagement, race
Youichi Imamura D1GP Japan 2003 Champ DECLINED – D1 Not allow
Yasuyaki Kazama D1GP/MSC Japan 2005 Champ DECLINED – Scheduling Conflict
Nobushige Kumakubo D1GP Japan 2006 Champ DECLINED – Dubai Demo
Manabu Max Orido D1GP/MSC Japan D1 Judge, MSC Judge, Super GT driver DECLINED – Hired by Chevy for WTCC race in Macau

So it looks like our World Drift Championship will be short of Japanese talent but not short of talent from anywhere else in the world? It is funny how every organization in the world can come together and be excited about an event with the exception of D1. We really just wish D1 would get off it’s high horse and let their talent participate. Formula D and fellow organizations gladly attended their All Star and Vs. the World events in the past. As it appears D1 is just having it’s typical attitude we still keep hearing rumors about this “2009 D1 season” here in America. With the track record of D1 in the United States I think we are going to refrain on booking flights until the week of the event assuming it’s not on a Formula D weekend again.

Bosch TV Episode 3: Vaughn at home in Englishtown Jersey

Bosch Spark Plugs brings you Bosch TV that follows world champion Drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. for the 2008 season. Vaughn battles his way through the field at Englishtown, which he considers his Formula D home track. Don’t miss a second of this behind the scenes footage from Drift Alliance member Vaughn Gittin Jr in his Falken Tires Ford Mustang! Watch it until the end so Vaughn and tell you he is a scientist! Don’t miss this video on Wrecked Magazine or you can check it out below at our Youtube account.

Watch this video:

Happy Birthday to Wrecked Magazine!

Well one year ago today we put up the new site live 100% out of BETA. We have enjoyed the last year and all of our experiences with Drifting content from around the world. After we pull our face out of our yummy birthday cake we just want to take a second and recognize our sponsors that have helped make this year happen.

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The Scion Army Expands – Now with Tanner Foust for Formula D 2009

Well after hearing some rumors floating around that Tanner Foust would be leaving Nissan he apparently has released this mock up for a 2009 Drifting car through Everythingdrift. The Scion Drift Army is seeming to expand with Ken Gushi already piloting the first Scion under the RSR flag. We would assume that Chris Rado would drift a Scion tC if he acquires a license next month as well. All of his advertisers seem to be in place such as our Wrecked Magazine Ad partner AEM Power (go buy AEM stuff so we can stay in business). This render comes a shock being released so close to SEMA.

Since SEMA is right around the corner below are a list of drivers that we have been hearing rumors about for a new ride in 2009, perhaps SEMA will shed some more light:

Daijiro Yoshihara
Tyler McQuarrie
Vaughn Gittin Jr. (2010 Ford Mustang?)
Rhys Millen
Sam Hubinette

2008 SEMA Sneak Peak: RMR Hyundai Genesis coupe almost ready

Check out this preview of the Rhys Millen racing Hyundai Genesis as they guys over at the team work hard to get this thing completed for SEMA as Autoblog reports. With Rhys Millen seeking a new OE for Drifting in 2009 it would be logical to assume that he will be in a Hyundai for the Formula D series. We have been told and reassured that he will not be piloting a Hyundai in 2009 so we are going to stay tuned and stay on the beat of what is going on. The Hyundai SEMA project car is looking great however. Rhys Millen did assure us at Irwindale that 2009 will be a new car and new colors which he announced while winning the Triple Crown Award.

D1GP Final Round 7: Fuji Speedway Coverage!

The last round of the 2008 D1 Grand Prix season took place at Fuji Speedway and it was an intense round of Drifting. Many drivers did battle for a championship run and only one man wound up taking the crown in his JZX100. Daigo Satiro secured the championship over the weekend and Dino locked us in with the best D1 coverage  in North America.  Don’t miss Team Orange and all the other Drifting crews on this high speed  entry drifting course.  Be sure to check out all of our 300+ photos from the weekend.

Wrecked Magazine Fuji Speedway Gallery:

Formula D Long Beach on Speed TV – Section 9

The last segment opens with drivers talking about Sam Hubinette. They show a clip of him wearing a Viking helmet which is pretty random. Chris seems generally confused as to what Sam is suppose to be driving judging by his interview. Sam is doing burnouts in one of the Long Beach parking decks in this segment. The shooting is looking pretty good but some drivers on the ground would be neat. My on car fix is doing alright. Wow, let’s not zoom in that close on the flag girl, High Def is not her friend. The finals are looking to be good, amazing shot of Sam’s Viper on car showing Chris getting within inches of his car. You can see our Wrecked logo on the Formula D wall if you squint really hard in some of these video shots, haha! Tony Angelo is hugging Chris Forsberg. Ryan Tureck and some others join jumping up and down. Courtney Day grabs Chris Forsberg before they head to the podium. They just show some very quick clips of the podium, definitly need more podium coverage! They move into a Castrol Power cup review which hypes up Formula D Atlanta and shows the standings. Roll credits. Jim Liaw is seen telling Daijiro Yoshihara not to be nervous. Sam Hubinette then is in the next clip singing “I feel good.” Then you see Chris and Tanner chatting and laughing it up. Show ends, more live blogging next weekend.

Formula D Long Beach on Speed TV – Section 8

The show opens back with Chris Forsberg and Kyle Mohan having a top four battle. Chris just leaves Mohan and finishes up the course. Chris Forsberg moves onto the finals! Courtney Day of course has shown up to speak with Chris Forsberg for a post race sum up. The third place battle has just started with Kyle and Tanner. Tanner is just ripping up the course being clocked at 60mph through the main section of the track. The flagger girl just looked like she about fell over waving the flag before Kyle lead against Tanner. They just announced that Tanner Foust got third place and are cutting to a commercial break before the finals.