More Redbull Drift Drama: Daigo Saito Not Coming Anymore

Posted on Oct 31, 2008 In D1GP Formula D International Japanese Rumors/Gossip

Several qualified sources have not told us that 2008 D1 Grand Prix champion Daigo Saito WILL NOT BE ATTENDING the Redbull Drifting World Championship in two weeks. While it is unsure if the car is in a container putting along to the United States, it appears some “outside influences” (D1GP for you slow people) have convinced them otherwise in driving at the event some way or another. They cannot have their champion showing off his talent and representing the organization right? We will keep an ear to the streets on this story but a half dozen people have informed me in one fashion or another that Daigo Saitro will not be drifting for sure and that is confirmed for the event. I think instead of issuing it to the Formula D driver ranked in like 1800th place, we should pick the winner of the Pro Am and let him drift in it. Sort of like a right of passage….come on Ryan and Jim, please!?


  1. sickles says:

    haa haa winner of the proam drivers to fill his spot haa haa awesome idea send them out to the wolfs

  2. DA Fan says:

    Yes, let the Pro Amer get out there and do it!

  3. drift fan says:

    that would be awesome to put a pro-am driver in that event…especially since they will have a pro license at that point and should be able to hold their own…very interesting

  4. Brian W. says:

    what about the East Coast Pro-Am winner?!


  5. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Let’s do it! BW would win the whole thing.