Nissan Released 370z before the LA Auto Show

Posted on Oct 29, 2008 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip Spy Shots Tanner Foust

Nissan has finally released the 370z prior to it’s worldwide debut at the LA Auto Show. We have been stalking this car for sometime now as it’s release to the market might convert into a new Drifting chassis for the 2009 Formula D series. This was the 370z spotted earlier this month wrapped in camo out on the streets. The all new Z will hit dealerships in early 2009. Well I guess we know that Tanner Foust won’t be drifting a Nissan 370z for 2009. Who else is left to step up the reigns to pilot the new Z?


  1. Rhys Millen is going to drift one of these cars next season.

  2. That video guy says:

    I’m not liking it as of right this second, but it’ll prob grow on me. Looks like an old datsun. Specs?

  3. Barry D says:

    It’s gross…

  4. Chris says:

    tanner foust has the most experiance drifting Zs , so i would like to see him bring in the big win in the 370Z….