The Scion Army Expands – Now with Tanner Foust for Formula D 2009

Well after hearing some rumors floating around that Tanner Foust would be leaving Nissan he apparently has released this mock up for a 2009 Drifting car through Everythingdrift. The Scion Drift Army is seeming to expand with Ken Gushi already piloting the first Scion under the RSR flag. We would assume that Chris Rado would drift a Scion tC if he acquires a license next month as well. All of his advertisers seem to be in place such as our Wrecked Magazine Ad partner AEM Power (go buy AEM stuff so we can stay in business). This render comes a shock being released so close to SEMA.

Since SEMA is right around the corner below are a list of drivers that we have been hearing rumors about for a new ride in 2009, perhaps SEMA will shed some more light:

Daijiro Yoshihara
Tyler McQuarrie
Vaughn Gittin Jr. (2010 Ford Mustang?)
Rhys Millen
Sam Hubinette


  1. Does it Matter says:

    funny considering he (and many others) made such a big deal about the legality of the Tc… rightfully so. But will they be able to build to the same spec now that the car rules are changing and he wont have a grandfathered car. Or FD will break their own rules and let the champion do whatever he wants… I would say the latter of the 2!

  2. Tanner Foust Fan says:

    I hear they are going to drop a V8 in it. What V8’s have AEM support though? I guess AEM does make quite a bit of truck parts now……interesting.

  3. geoff says:

    AEM does make a plug and play harness for the Mustang. Those have a v8.

  4. FF Driftz says:

    The guys at Driftlive said this, best comment ever.

    “Maybe we just need to introduce a FF drifting series to keep all these manufactures of mild performance vehicles satisfied.”

  5. C.James says:

    even after gushi trying to make the tc a “cool” dirft car its still lame. sucks that theres going to be two of these over funded turds next year. is a sad day

  6. Mike Peters says:

    i’m interested to see what goes on with dai.